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Contract for Grades (1999-2000) Proposal

First Semester: For an "A":

1. I attended a 5-day workshop this summer entitled "Responsive Classroom." I would like to submit a report on one component of the Responsive Classroom-The Morning Meeting, which I am implementing in my classroom this year.

2. I would like to submit a paper on "How to Implement a Gifted and Talented Program" which I am preparing with two other teachers for an independent study course on Gifted and Talented. I would also submit documentation of my involvement on the Gifted and Talented Committee for Holler Elementary School for the 1999-2000 school year.

Second Semester: For an "A":

1. I would like to write a report on a year-long class that I took last year entitled "S.E.E.D" which stands for "Seeking Educational Equality and Diversity." It is a multicultural awareness course designed to help educators become more aware and eventually proactive in bringing cultural diversity into the classroom. I will attend S.E.E.D. II this year and included in my report will insights gained from the 2nd year of attendance as well. The course ran 1 Sunday a month last year, for 3 hours, and will continue on the same schedule this year. Because of the time commitment involved, I would like the report on these 2 courses to stand alone as an "A" assignment.

-- Anonymous, October 17, 1999


Hi Lisa, Sorry this has taken me this long to get back. The quality of your work and the choices you have made is/are of highest caliber. SO, these proposals are certainly one that fit with your work and will assist you in becoming even a better classroom teacher. Go for it! Happy Holidays to you and your family! Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, December 20, 1999

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