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NetPhotoStore In February I ordered and payed for a Photo Trekker AW Green backpack. I understand that it was back ordered. It is now October. This company never answers my emails about the status of this order. When I call their phone line the number is incorrect what should I do. I feel I have been ripped off by NetPhotoStore.

-- Jeff Rose (, October 17, 1999


A: Write them a letter if you have their address. 2: Go visit or send someone to visit them if you know their address. 3: Contact the local BBB if you know their address.

You do know their address don't you?

After all why would someone send money to somplace that may not even exist?

BTW, if you paid by credit card they the cc company will help you. They probably do have the address and phone of whomever they do business with.

Also how much would you have saved over just buying it locally and possibly just walking out of the store with it when you paid?

-- Bob Salomon (, October 17, 1999.

Go over to the wherehouse, take the manager by the throat and kick the livin' shit out of him. Always works for me. Lumberjack

-- james (, October 17, 1999.


It's a little late for a credit card complaint, but you may wish to try anyway, your CC company may be willing to bat for you. The domain is registered to:

SNCF, Inc. (NETPHOTOSTORE2-DOM) PO Box 1577 Livingston, NJ 07039 US


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact: Gandalf, Matthew (MG10090) webmaster@PHOTOWORKSHOP.COM 973-377-1003 (FAX) 973-377-9277 Billing Contact: Gandalf, Matthew (MG10090) webmaster@PHOTOWORKSHOP.COM 973-377-1003 (FAX) 973-377-9277

Record last updated on 26-Apr-1999. Record created on 28-Jan-1999. Database last updated on 25-Oct-1999 04:26:20 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:


There are contact forms at which may get a human response if the direct contact and you can try the Postmaster for the PO box above, I'm pretty sure they still give you PO Box registrant information.

Hope some of this helps, in general I'd steer away from Web sites that don't have prominant phone numbers displayed on them and wouldn't order without a call unless you're sure your credit card will protect you. Definitely don't let anything go more than 30 days past billing, that's when it's time to reverse the charge and call.



-- Paul D. Robertson (, October 26, 1999.

More fun with WHOIS... (I hate to see people taken advantage of over the Net)

Whois on SNCF produces: ---------------------------------------------------------- SNCF, Inc. (NETPHOTOSTORE2-DOM) NETPHOTOSTORE.COM SNCF, Inc. (MYSOLOCAMERA-DOM) MYSOLOCAMERA.COM ----------------------------------------------------------

What's immediately more interesting is the WHOIS search on the IP address of the network their name server and Web server reside in (from the original query), we'll hop over to ARIN's whois server for that...

---------------------------------------------------------- [] UUNET Technologies, Inc. (NETBLK-UUNET1996B) UUNET1996B - Unique Photo Inc. (NETBLK-UU-208-222-116-D1) UU-208-222-116-D1 - ----------------------------------------------------------------

Bingo, we have a registrant for the whole class C address block.. So, we go back to NSI's whois server to search for "Unique Photo"... Unique Photo, Inc. (UNIQUEPHOTOSTORE-DOM) UNIQUEPHOTOSTORE.COM Unique Photo, Inc. (WIREDPHOTO-DOM) WIREDPHOTO.COM ---------------------------------------------------------------- Now we're making some progress... Unique Photo, Inc. (UNIQUEPHOTOSTORE-DOM) Unique Photo, Inc. Florham Park, NJ 07932 US

Domain Name: UNIQUEPHOTOSTORE.COM Sweetwood, Matthew (MS1542) msweet@UNIQUEPHOTO.COM 973-377-5555 (FAX) 973-377-9277

Who is:

Sweetwood, Matthew (MS1542) msweet@UNIQUEPHOTO.COM Billing Contact: Sweetwood, Matthew (MS1542) msweet@UNIQUEPHOTO.COM 973-377-5555 (FAX) 973-377-9277 Unique Photo, Inc. 11 Vreeland Rd Florham Park, NJ 07932 973-377-5555 (FAX) 973-377-9277 ---------------------------------------------------------------- has1-800-631-0300 as their phone number just in case you'd like to call them up.


The network all these servers sit on is in an address range owned by UUNet and apparently delegated to Unique Photo Inc, who also house the name servers for those domains. They're poorly administered ( seems to be done right with DNS on two different networks, the others are running on the same subnet, a bad thing in general) I'd call and ask to talk to the owner of Unique Photo, just in case the Web guy is trying to make some spare cash.

You might want to see if your CC company can give account info for the transfer too, though my guess is that going to them directly will solve your problem, since you now know who to sue :) Anyone paying for that many domains must be making enough money to be worth persuing.

I'd encourage you to post your experiences in the neighbor to neighbor section of as well if you've not yet done so.


-- Paul D. Robertson (, October 27, 1999.

This is fantastic. I don't have any idea of what y'all are talking about. Except, of course, that some poor guy got screwed. Isn't that how it usually comes out?

-- Bill Mitchell (, October 27, 1999.

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