'Tis the Season!

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Hey girls... It's 1:00 in the morning and I'm not sleepy, so I'm going a little nuts with our forum.

I decided to start a little Christmas prep thread. I know it's forever away, but I'm ready for Christmas in September, so you guys should count yourselves lucky that I held out this long.

I decided to join a Messiah choir. My friend Marcy (Marissa in the journal) sings for her church choir, and every year they put on selections from the Messiah for a concert. She assured me that everyone is welcome to join the chorus, you only need to audition if you want a solo, so I think I'm going to do it! (Join the chorus, not audition. I mean, I can carry a tune and all, but I ain't solo material.) The only problem is that the performance is the afternoon on Sunday, December 5th, so I may have to leave earlier than planned that morning.

But I'm excited about it. I love the Messiah and Christmas and music, and the idea of being a part of it makes me happy. I even ordered a "Do It Yourself Messiah" CD for altos to help me practice!

Anyone else making early zany Christmas plans?

-- Anonymous, October 16, 1999


Good for you, Elizabeth! That's so awesome!

My high school used to do an excerpt from the Messiah every year and it was always the best part of the Christmas Concert. The whole chorus used to stream in from the back of the auditorium carrying these little candles and the room would be dark except for the candlelight and the whole place would be filled with this beautiful singing! I loved it.

And I'm not a religious girl or a very holiday-ish girl either!

My family is pretty big into the holidays -- well, my mom and my sister are. I'm more like my father. I like the actual day and I LOVE buying presents for people, but I'm not too much into the preparation for it. Although, who doesn't enjoy a good holiday party?

Actually, since I've been with Seth, the whole holiday thing has been a little strange. With him being Jewish and me being Catholic we celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas and there is a definite sense of not wanting to be seen as favoring one holiday over the other. As a result, we don't decorate our apartment, we just help our families decorate their houses.

But I love both holidays and it's a wonderful feeling to be able to be part of two different traditions and days.

Besides, it also works out as more presents for us! ;)

-- Anonymous, October 20, 1999

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