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I was reading the full text of the latest Greenspan Mentions "Y2K", and found an error in Mr. Greenspans grasp of reality.

He states a few people will be disruptive to "the economy."

"The economy" is not in a shoebox, it does not have a velvet rope around it, and one can go and tour "the economy."

He debates whether "the public" should have been told about the computer code crises. If Mr. Greenspan is not a citizen of this nation I'd like to know. Is that Mr. Greenspan is a member of the C.I.A. and perceives himself to be outside of "the public?" Is he a member of a private sect? And how is that sect not "the public?" I'd like Mr. Greenspan to please define "the public" to everyone. Who qualifies and who does not qualify as this mystical "the public?"

That "the public" is "the economy." That "the public" is not on a tour to see the shoebox called "the economy" behind the velvet ropes on a display stand. "The public" and "the economy" are the one and same living and breathing entity.

I'm fed up with this incessant silly nonsense of "the economy" being presented as if it were an entity by itself.

Mr. Greenspan is rapidly becoming an arrogant and delusional noise that needs a bit of slapping down. He especially needs to pull out his old textbooks that explain what an economy is and is not because he is either going senile or downright utterly stupid.

-- Paula (, October 15, 1999


He needs to pull out that mid-60s paper he wrote up on how the gold standard is the only way to have true, honest money, and how it prevents the economy from being manipulated by the banksters. Then, he ought to re-read it. Then apologize to everyone for what he has become. And promise to do better.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), October 15, 1999.

Secrecy is a useful tool of tyrants.

-- no talking please (, October 15, 1999.

I wonder if Alan Greenspan mudwrestles.

-- Queen of England (Windsor@aol.cum), October 15, 1999.

Just behead he and they plan to do to us,low pain but may make you think next time around

-- sandy (, October 15, 1999.



-- (,,,,@,,,,,,,.), October 15, 1999.

Alan Greenspan is a financial genius.

But even the most brilliant humans can be stuck between a rock and a hard place, and they hate that state.

He is under EXTREME PRESSURE to perform according to Illuminati orders, and this has caused him to experience much anquish.

Next week will evince his dislocation whether you like it or not!

-- Randolph (, October 15, 1999.

well, Randolph i don't say i am a genius, but heck you don't have to be one to see the bs coming down now... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???

-- sandy (, October 15, 1999.

whom is alan gross?

-- sandy (, October 15, 1999.

There is a financial war going on with the Europeans in cahoots against the dollar as the world reserve currency.

The only way to make sense of what is going on, with oil, gold, silver etc. is to reaklise this fact.

The rest of the world have had enough of american dollar debt arrogance - it's pay back time...

Look for another gold announcement on Sunday in the wee hours...

-- Andy (, October 15, 1999.

Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 07:19 SteveIS (Greenspan is working with Europeans) ID#297380: Copyright ) 1999 SteveIS/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

The Europeans want the US stock market down. They are pissed that Greeny hasn't had the Cojones to pop the bubble much earlier. When they made their gold announcement it was aimed at the US bubble markets.

Greeny went to them after the gold explosion and said help drive down gold so some of my boys can cover. So they said only if you start to pop the stock bubble.

The timing of Greenie's annoucement is astounding. This morning is settlements for October S&P options. The pros are the ones short all the puts which suddenly are in the money. Greenie is telling the pros to back off. The PPT isn't going to help them anymore.

The stock market is going to get real ugly real fast. They may step in to slow the fall a little but not to much.

The gold bull is just begining. Don't get shaken out by little squiggles.

We aren't in Kansas anymore.

-- Andy (, October 15, 1999.

Andy Never were in Kansas...were you?

-- sandy (, October 15, 1999.


You're right again. Keep it coming. "They" "allowed" "the public" to get an education and we worms have turned.

-- Mara (, October 15, 1999.

I suspect he is just really gripped by the scenes constantly coming out of Florida showing the Day Before The Storm people.

So he states that he knows of a minority of Americans in these last months with plans to activate with massive hoarding of cash, water, fuel and food. And he is right. They will.

Who doesn't know they will? Everyone who prepared last fall knows they will. The media knows and has published OP's commenting, "I really hope people don't go into frenzy grocery shopping!" Gary North knows they will. Art Bell knows they will. Mr. Koskinen and Senator Bennet knows they will.

Those people have already disrupted the nation. Policies, opinions, government concerns and PR's have all been about a small minority that rises forth too late, runs out the door without any regard for anything or anyone to "look out for ole number one!" A whole majority of people in America sit in neglect already victimized by those people who've only begun to activate. The Day Before The Storm people have become a phantom of terror to every sector of society and has come to paralyze the nation. Not a creature is stirring not even a mouse as a nation awaits the great horror of The Day Before The Storm people.

Mr. Greenspan is not in a secret sect outside of "the public" sitting in horror about The Day Before The Storm people. No man or woman is an island. Who isn't dreading them? I bought a bag of cheap chicken legs and tossed it in my freezer vowing not to go out when they really get going.

The Day Before The Storm people are going to "panic." They're going to drain ATM's, run the banks, become hysterical when gold coin dealers tell them they missed the boat a year ago, race through Costco with the extra large dolly style carts, go on to the grocery stores and obliterate stores with lines out to the streets, purge gas from the face of the earth, and martial law will be declared to control them and their greedy It's All About Me parking lot riots. In some cases the individual will have cash stuffed and "hidden" all over the vehicle he or she is driving "to the country," with no place to go once there and to a community arming itself against the very individual "fleeing" to itself.

We all know they will be disruptive to civilization and organized society. Arrogance and delusions that one is not a part of humankind isn't going to prevent it from happening.

A lot of people had come forth, myself included, with ideas none of which were taken. Uncle Sam vowed that Uncle Sam knew best, and we can see now it all sits in failure and that Uncle Sam has created a disaster of surreal magnitude. The neglected majority Americans will go into massive social unrest and the The Day Before The Storm people were not prevented.

One of my ideas had been that Proctor & Gamble be invited and allowed to enter as a heavy weight in figuring out Uncle Sams' plan. Proctor & Gamble is probably the most powerful entity on the globe more so than the Pentagon and more so than the C.I.A. It enters nations who have lost all sense of civilization and conducts business. It's skills are not matched. It can turn a Hurricane Mitch coffee bean disaster into a coffee glut in America. It knows the different types all making up "the public" like the back of its hand. It should have been the entity writing up The Plans.

-- Paula (, October 15, 1999.

Geeez....Where is Ross Perot when we need him??? I could sure use some charts and graphs right about now....WE NEED TO JUST FIX IT!!

-- Larry (, October 16, 1999.


Very interesting Randolph.

-- the Virginian (, October 16, 1999.

Another shot is fired over the USS Titanic...



Good luck all...

Got Gold?


12:55a EDT Saturday, October 16, 1999

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy tonight sent this dispatch to his subscribers at and asked me to send it to you because it is of general interest.

GATA is calling all friends of gold to their battle stations for a special announcement at 7:50 a.m. Central Daylight Time this Sunday -- tomorrow. This is going to be war, and we're going to win it.

Please post this as seems useful.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *


By Bill "Midas" Murphy

Friday, October 15, 1999

This past week I told you that some of the major gold producers had agreed to an unwritten, but formal agreement, to cut their gold production, a la OPEC. My information came to me from the best of sources in the gold producer community.

I just received this email from GATA Treasurer, Chris Powell. It quotes an a usually informed source who posts on the Interet:

"It's illegal to form cartels in America. The government prohibits any such organization. But outside America, it's perfectly legal. Just take a look at OPEC.

"Since the British gold sale, South Africa got real angry and, led by Anglogold, it has been pushing full- steam into creating an international gold cartel made up of non-USA gold producers.

"The rumor buzzing out of London tonight is that an agreement has been reached and will be announced at a big press conference soon.

"If non-USA mining companies announce even a 25 percent reduction in global gold output, it's gonna ignite the gold price beyond description."

This confirms what I have been told.

I also have reported that there are rifts in the World Gold Council. This explains the rift. The overly hedged shorts do not care for a cut in production; their shares will not perform well if the gold price explodes. This also explains why Gold Field Ltd. announced today that it has now covered most of its hedges.

Chris Thompson of Gold Fields and Bobby Godsell of Anglogold have been the powerhouses on behalf of gold. They are standing up to the Hannibal Cannibals and are quietly changing the gold world in behalf of their companies and the gold industry. Gold shareholders, they are your angels. They should be applauded.

Carpe diem is in. Hannibal Lecter is out.

By now you all know that the U.S. Producer Price Index figures released today were far more bullish for gold than anyone imagined. The dollar was beat up and the equity markets were trounced around the world, yet gold was allowed to rally only $2 by certain malign forces. If that did not hit you over the head today about what we are dealing with, get a checkup with a top brain surgeon.

Our camp has been victimized far too long. I would like to echo our sentiments:


The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee certainly will not stand for the government bailout of the cartel that has ruined so many companies, shareholders, and miners to suit its own greed.

At 7:50 a.m. Central Daylight Time on Sunday morning GATA and the "right flank" will make an important announcement to every gold company shareholder in the world.


-- Andy (, October 16, 1999.


Nice scenario about the last week of the year. Or are you desrcibing the last day of the year. I have to agree with you in that "thoses who do not prepare will panic"..

-- y2k dave (, October 16, 1999.

"The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops." Noah Webster, An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution Proposed BV the Late Convention (1787).

-- freeman (freman@u.s.a.), October 16, 1999.

Perot? Ross Perot? Surely you jest. A gutless wonder in a crunch. He'd dump whatever he's doing and hide under the bed if somebody wrote him a nasty letter.

-- Tom Carey (, October 17, 1999.

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