Update and Agenda for Tues Oct 19th meeting

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We will convene again at 8 am Tuesday morning Oct. 19th at the offices of ARBI Transnational, 601 California Street, Suite 601, San Francisco.


1. Invitations to Ministers -- Senator Feinstein has signed the invitations and they will be sent out Monday or Tuesday. Prior to this, Socorro Leal has faxed all Consul Generals with copies of the invitation letters, and Terry Vogt has talked to the Consuls General asking for their co-operation in the invitation process. Signs are positive.

2. Invitations to Sponsors -- we are working on several fronts here. Socorro is working on Intel, Stephen Calvert has IBM involved, Sharon deZordo will work with us on Oracle, Cisco and HP, Terry is in contact with Bank of America (thanks to help from Martina), Zane is getting Argentine possible sponsors from the newspaper world. Please co-ordinate your approaches with Eileen Evans ( ege13@aol.com ).

Dara Westling from IDC and Sanjay, our USF P/R intern are putting together a one page "Promotional Vehicles" sheet which will be sent to close the deal with sponsors.

As a reminder, we are looking for a Major Sponsor at the $15,000 level and up to 10 Sponsors at the $5,000 level.

3. Web site -- Jaime Prieto and Claudia Daros are designing the "architecture" and look of our Web site. Sanjay and Dara are working on content. We expect that Ratih and Linna (also USF interns) will be in charge of care and feeding of the Web site. The major components will be: Home page, Who should come?, Schedule, Speakers Bios, Registration on-line.

I suggest that Jaime, Claudia, Jen Trask, Ratih and Linna split off during our Tuesday meeting to discuss the Web site, unless all of you are also interested in that part of the process.

4. Address lists. Aside from our normal data bases (Pan American Society, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, etc.) we expect to purchase e-mail addresses, fax broadcast addresses and snail mail addresses. I would like to ask Clovis Mattos to co-ordinate that effort, as it is closer to his field.

5. Overall budget. Jen Trask has prepared several iterations of a budget, reserved up to 10 rooms at the Palace Hotel, is working on a dinner site for Sunday night. Brava.

6. We need to be more aggressive now at inviting non governmental authorities as speakers (as opposed to ministerial types or corporate sponsors). We need one person to compile the list. IDC will be able to co-ordinate the actual invitations. Socorro, where are we on our request for free flights from American Airlines, Varig or United?

7. Stephen Calvert will chair our meeting on Tuesday. I will be on the East Coast all week. Please keep me advised via e-mail.

Thanks to all,

Terry Vogt

-- Terry Vogt (tvogt@arbisf.com), October 15, 1999

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