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How can convert a still image to a High Res MPG file using EZ-CD? I have EZ-CD and it says I can put in a High Res (704x480) File. I also saw one time that I could create a High Res file using DVMPEG. I'm not sure though just how to convert it. Thanks for any help!

-- Jay (, October 15, 1999


Using Ulead Video Studio (it comes with my Dazzle DVC), you can add audio/video/image to the movie sequence. It's easy but taking long time to render the movie. I've never tried EZ-CD to add image. I may check it later.

-- Shan-Wen (, October 18, 1999.

Hmm.. not sure of EZ-CD. I have trouble with this software the last time I use it. Instead of going to the MPEGAV folder, all the files goes to SEGMENTS folder and worst, the disc doesn't play in most VCD player. I have since use my WinOnCD 3.0 that comes with my Snazzi card. About still image, if you could get Video Pack 4.0 (very $$$), you could author the high res image just by dropping them in alongside some audio. Still image is a feature of Video CD 2.0.

If you make a series of still image and make an AVI of it with audio file, and subsequently compress them, it is also possible, but only at the low res (352x240 or 352x288).

-- Rusman Priyana (, October 22, 1999.



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