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Even though this is a very good idea, I wonder if it to late. I hope they have a good time and make progress.

Welcome! We invite all grassroots Y2K community organizers to participate in a national meeting designed to formulate a Y2K personal, community, and business awareness, preparedness, and contingency resource list to help community organizers be more effective at organizing. This meeting will also explore the psychological aspects of Y2K organizing with the intent of rejuvenating your heart and spirit.

Our definition of a grassroots community organizer is a person who is actively working with the people in their community (which includes the business, medical, non-profits, and faith communities.)

It is important to note that this is a *working weekend*, where you will be asked to do some homework, show up ready to roll up your sleeves, share your wisdom, learn some new things, and build preparedness strategies via combined synergy of all participants. (We'll have fun, too!)

Event hosted by: Paloma O'Riley, Boulder County Y2K, and Northern Utah Y2K. Contact Jennifer at for more information.

-- y2k dave (, October 15, 1999

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