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Repercussions from Y2K-related computer problems could extend well beyond Jan. 1 in many countries and involve the United States in humanitarian and environmental crisis relief, a CIA official said Wednesday.

Lawrence Gershwin, the CIA's national intelligence officer for science and technology, listed Russia, Ukraine, China and Indonesia as among the countries most vulnerable to serious millennium bug disruptions.

In illustrating lack of preparation in some places, Gershwin said members of Indonesia's national electricity board recently told a local newspaper that they can watch what happens at midnight in Australia and New Zealand and still have six hours to make plans.

Hey "Sick", this is a "Quasi-prediction". Hope you didn't bust a nut having to read it. For the rest, this article was taken from the October 14, 1999 edition of the Gary, Indiana Post Tribune.

-- John F. (, October 15, 1999


That's EXPERTS.... Sorry.

-- John F. (, October 15, 1999.

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