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Is Bwahahahahahaha a very good means to convey to the larger crowd you are well intended. Even as a G.I., I get the major creeps when I see Bwahahahahahaha anywhere on this forum. Even the religious types (and you know who you are) exibit this expression. Given the fact that nobody knows for sure what is in store for us, if indeed TSHTF, is this expession a term you people really want to be blurting out in front of D.G.I. friends and family members when it is too late? Personally, I see the Bwahahahahaha term quite demonic and sick and an "I told you so" statement. Only the little basturd standing on your left shoulder will be whispering Bwahahahahahaha in your left ear if indeed The Shit truly Hits The Fan. Maybe this thread will strike a nerve and promote some sensibility. Maybe this forum is for a bunch of close circled geek freaks that do not intend to go beyond the inner circle. I don't know, however, you will reap what you sow someday if this term is what you really want to share with others who are in the dark just like you.

-- Feller (, October 14, 1999


"I see the Bwahahahahaha term quite demonic and sick"

you should consider getting some seem to have some "issues".

"BWAAHAAHAA" is a OVERLY STRESSED "what a dipshit" kinda laugh.

Its not DEMONIC or SICK in anyway. Next you will tell us we cant use the emoticon ;/ because it looks evil. I


-- Cory Hill (, October 14, 1999.

Feller, the term for us is a release, an exhalation of all the pent-up nervous tension that comes from the Cassandra knowing of something horrific that few others are interested in, yet will impact them severely soon. Y2K does feel demonic; the allowance of it reaching this stage is demonic; the cruelty of not alerting the public is demonic; the effects most certainly will go way beyond demonic.

Time for all the euphemisms and kid gloves to come off. Time to try to deal with the nitty-gritty reality. Because when TSHTF there will be no more time to process emotions. Then, only swift sharp reason, life-or-death decisions, everything in the balance, on the precipice.

We fling demonic repressive ridicule snorts back in the face of the devil of Y2K. We kick It in the gut with our own strength and courage. Knowledge is power! Preparation is a chance! Acknowledgement is strength! BBWWWAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! We recognize the Monster and in the long run we will triumph!

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, October 14, 1999.

couneling = counseling

-- Cory Hill (, October 14, 1999.


I kinda know what you mean, although I've never used either the term "demonic" or "sick". Just.....I dunno...faintly irritating.

At the community center that my wife works at, and I sometimes volunteer at, there were these two 13 year old boys that, for no apparent good reason, would yell out, "MISSION POTATO!!!" and give each other the "high five". I can't really say why, but both "BWAHAAHAAHAAA" and "MISSION POTATO!!!", both have that "finger nails on a black board" effect on me.

But then again, I guess it's like that bad accident on the highway. You know, the one that you want to look away from, but just can't. I DID, after all, check in on this thread.

Maybe Cory's right....

-- Bokonon (, October 14, 1999.


I've always interpreted the BWAAHAHAHAHAAAA! thing as an evil laugh. It could easily be interpreted as saying, "You're about to have some very bad things happen to you and I'm downright happy about it."

I think it originated with Paul Milne who uses it to drive home the point that he is right about the things he's been predicting, and those who don't GI now are really going to GI later, if you know what I mean.

Whatever the case, it does get your attention


-- Farmbeet (Farmbeet@chuckles.corn), October 14, 1999.

As far as I can tell from context, this expression is a defense mechanism used by anyone faced with the threat of a reasonable argument. I picture those using it having their fingers securely plugging their ears and their eyes tightly closed. For all practical purposes, they might as well be.

-- Flint (, October 14, 1999.

If Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahaha offends you, then you really shouldn't be reading Paul Milne posts.

-- Whaaaaaaaaaah?????? (, October 14, 1999. guys are tweaked.

I've worked in the net for 7 years. I have been into chat rooms and IRC channels for the same amount of time.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA" = "LMAO" or "ROFL" "get a clue" or "what a dipshit".

It is meant to be an overly stressed laugh - a normal internet laugh being "hahahaha" or "lol".

Just like "hehe" is a kind of giggle compared to "hahahaha"

If you wanted a "laugh" that is meant to sound *evil* it's "MWahahaha!" and is normally followed by an "(evil grin)" descriptor.

For example: "Im going to take over the world MWAAHAHAHAHA (evil grin)"

Hope this clears things up for you. See it how you want, but you are seeing differently than the majority of internet users from what I've seen in 7 years experience.

peace! MWAAAHAHAHAHA (sarcasm added)

-- Cory Hill (, October 14, 1999.

Maybe counceling is in order. Maybe coddling is a definite no. I've been reading and researching like the rest of you for a over a year now and quite frankly, like the rest of you, becoming jaded may be a normal response to all this. The potential for horror or terror from Y2k has only sped up preps on my end and sometimes I wonder why this is all I think about when I come across "that term". I really appreciate everyone here (don't get me wrong about that), however, I've always wondered what goes through one's mind when they inject the horrific term "Bwahahahahaha". With all the potential for ICBM's from vindictive Country's spreading chemical, biological and nuclear payloads in addition to the Y2K issue, the bwahahahaha term only makes this place a more sick environment to encounter, at times anyway. Indeed this Country has gone MAD and I'm trying to become a little more sane. I guess it's time to thicken ones skin for the New Year. Thanks for hearing me out.

-- Feller (, October 14, 1999.


-- The Squirrel King (StillNuts@upina.Tree), October 14, 1999.


Yes, I agree that it doesn't look right. Depending on who is doing the Bwaha-ing, I'm annoyed sometimes. If Ashton and Leska are Bwaha-ing, for example, I sympathize, empathize, and know the pain. If Paul Milne is Bwaha-ing, I grit my teeth. And while I think Paul has some very interesting things to say, I just don't care for the way he punctuates with a profundly dark sense of frustrated humour and sarcasm flying in the face of an apparent terror. And, as I have written elsewhere, I'm not breakfast food. I'm a human being. But, whatever... it's not like Paul Milne's going to change. There's all kinds here, Feller. All kinds!

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, October 14, 1999.

Stan Faryna: You have always, always had the ability to make people feel good!

-- Feller (, October 14, 1999.


Emotion does not translate well on the net. For me BWAHAHAHAHAH has the sound of a crazed and desperate soul. But then evil is in the eye of the beholder. Truly there is nothing funny about Y2k but I think many of us here end up indulging in gallows humor because it releases tension. It is not a "Can't wait to see my fellow humans suffer" It is a "Damn I wish there was more that I can do" laugh. The same kind of humor is pretty routine among Emergency Room workers, ambulance drivers, cops and laywers.

I am much more concerned with those who seem overly eager to figure out how to kill their starving neighbors and even more aghast at those who say things like "it won't be that bad" or "theres' nothing to worry about." Now THATS evil.

-- R (, October 14, 1999.


-- Diane J. Squire (, October 14, 1999.

It is pretty close to Halloween. I think it is quite appropriate for the occasion, and in good harmony with the season.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), October 14, 1999.




If you can't handle something like this then you must be having incredible problems with reality. What are you going to do when all of the kiddies in their goblin suits come around knocking on your door on Halloween... go hide in your closet???


-- @ (@@@.@), October 14, 1999.

I first encountered repeated use of the "Bwahaha" phrase in the comic strip "Dilbert" when Dogbert would laugh at his nefariously brilliant schemes to take over the world.

Then when I discovered this forum earlier this year, I saw Paul Milne using the phrase. So I imagined he borrowed it from Dogbert.

Or maybe Dogbert borrowed it from Paul Milne?


-- Randolph (, October 14, 1999.

I've never had a problem with children dressed up in Halloween costumes @, just with supposed experts whom dole out annecdotes followed by Bwahahahaha. It seems slightly hypocritical. . Never did understand the "If you can't beat'em, join 'em" mentality. I'd rather persist in beating them. *Sigh*

-- Feller (, October 14, 1999.

I continually find that the above mentioned term is uttered by only the most geek-like of computer geeks. It brings to mind images of pocket protectors, hi-water pants, greasy hair, half-empty pizza boxes, and porno mags under the bed. The term (again,I will not repeat it)in common English means "I have no life, so I'll make fun of yours". Flame away if you must........

-- nongeek (getsout@leastonce.aday), October 15, 1999.

Stan, Did you do movies with Spanky and Our Gang, I seem to remember a "Faryna" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

-- old but not senile (couldn't, October 15, 1999.

Damn, I remember the thread where it started, but I don't remember...

Diane? Linkmaster???


-- Sysman (, October 15, 1999.

PS - emoticon:
-- Sysman (, October 15, 1999.

I hate HTML

< ! ) =

-- Sysman (, October 15, 1999.

Arf! Arf!

-- Andy (, October 15, 1999.

Whenever our company's Y2K project manager shares with me yet another tale of sheer folly that has come across his desk, we both usually end up laughing. We can either laugh or weep, and laughter is much more therapeutic at this point.

Can you imagine a business entity responsible for the retirement funds of thousands of people not truly seriously addressing Y2K until right now (Oct 1999)? How 'bout an educational organization that has never, ever held a project status review of its Y2K remediation, and now wonders why it's in deep yogurt?

As noted, one can either laugh or cry. We prefer to laugh, at present. The tears may come later.

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), October 15, 1999.

BWAHAHHAHA was cute when you used to see it used on the net 10 years ago and more. Now it's stale. Especially when used in every third post. I place it in the same category as 'DUH,' only more so: Trite, cliched, unoriginal. Still, it serves a purpose. It frees one up from having to express himself in language.

-- Language (Somewhere@over.rainbow), October 15, 1999.

I propose we ban the use of "Bwahahahahahahaha". Perhaps we could alert our congressman/woman to it's staleness and overusage. Please include comercial communications in this fight against the evil chilling, "Bwahahahahahahaha".

-- R. Wright (, October 15, 1999.

Who gives a crap what DGI's think. They don't.

*OCTOBER 1999*

-- Will continue (, October 15, 1999.

We DID.....***DDIIDD*** tell them so. I have now accepted my emotional disconnect from DGI friends, neighbors AND family. Any GI who finds themselves bothered by BWA-HA-HA is in for a really big surprise.

good grief.

-- Will continue (, October 15, 1999.

Feller! Pick a billboard on 1431 and we'll BWAAAHHAAAHHHAAA it together at 3:00am! For therapy!

Agreed, it usually only seems to underline the stupid competitive attitude betwixt pollies and doomers.

Hey, man, where are you spending the rollover? Think we're gonna do it on the sailboat in the middle of the lake, with a TV, radio, Tito's Vodka, fireworks and about a bushel of valium. Gotta boat? bring the wife and tie up!

-- lisa (, October 15, 1999.

I'll see your bwahahahahahaha, and raise you a muaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! and a manic grin. @:-)

A laugh by any other name... is probably more amusing to hear! ;-D

Oh great, there's yet another post from --

-- OddOne (, October 15, 1999.

Looks like everybody's checked in on this thread, so maybe I should too. Anybody know who has the copyright on "Bwahahahahahahaha!"? [Grin] Marianne Michaels

The Toilet Paper Chronicles: Gallows Humor from the Y2k Underground

Gallows Humor defined: Humorous treatment of a grave or dire situation: conveying with gallows humor the utter insanity of the nuclear arms race, or Y2k, or anything else that could be really, really bad. . .

-- Marianne Michaels (, October 15, 1999.

Huh Sysman? Think I missed that thread so wouldn't know WHERE to look!

(Dreaming of a search engine--yeah right!)

Marianne... that rates a *Groan*




-- Diane J. Squire (, October 15, 1999.


I am "emoticon-impaired."



(You like me. Deep down, you know you do.)[Grin]

-- Marianne Michaels (, October 15, 1999.

I see it as a sort of defiance shouted back at the world.

The world doesn't care, you see, about our cities or our plans or our silly arsed computer foulups.

It will go on spinning, for billions of years to come. Long, long after we as a species are no more.

Call it gallows humor, call it life laughing at death, call it a bad attitude.

I'd rather be with someone who will grin back at the world with a wolf's grin than most any other kind of person.

-- mushroom (, October 15, 1999.


It's my own personal rose, because Leska & Ashton didn't want me picking theirs'... which looks like this...


Do I like you?

IF you're who I "suspect" you are, then yes... I *like* you. But, perhaps, I should "read the book..." first.

*Engaging Grin*


(You CAN e-mail me you know!)

-- Diane J. Squire (, October 15, 1999.

Heeheeheeheheheh, the deer nibble the petals ;^)

At the mo, the chances of ppl buying a humorous book about Y2K are sorta low. Didja read that article about TX & CA post offices having to take down their Millennial Clocks because of customer complaints?

"It makes me feel old" "It scares me" "It reminds me of Y2K and I don't want to think about that"

Very revealing!

@}->-- 3~0 3~0 3~0 3~0 3~0 3~0 3~0 @}->-- 3~0 3~0 3~0

-- Ashton & Leska in The City Of Roses, sometimes (, October 15, 1999.

i, personally, would like to know who lisa is going to tie up.


-- Cowardly Lion (, October 15, 1999.

Oops, Dow below 10,000

-- A & L (, October 15, 1999.

Aww c'mon feller, let your hair down just for this thread. Let out a big BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! with us.

I understood what you meant in your first post and I see you as a very decent man, so concerned and worried still that you missed the many reasons why some of us act silly and even immature at times.

People often use humor or sarcasm in stressful situations, it's a healthy defense mechanism that is actually helping garding the mind from braking down and allow it to vent.

-- (, October 15, 1999.


I know I can email you, and I will at the right moment.

In the meantime, remember this personalized advice: "You should drink no caffe, before it's latte." [Hee hee] Gawd, I love being a "woman of mystery."

Ashton & Leska,

You are correct that the chances of MOST people buying just ANY humorous book about Y2k are sorta low right now.

Until the first review of THIS particular book. Which I suspect will come from someone on the Internet. Maybe even from this forum.

With regard to what shall be reviewed--well, let's just say that a long time ago, in an incarnation far away, I was honored to be asked by a fire department to light a fuse at its spectacular annual 4th of July fireworks show. I haven't forgotten why 60 thousand plus people showed up for that show, even though they had seen fireworks before. And I haven't forgotten why the fire department asked ME to light the fuse.

Oooh! Cryptic!

Gotta love it. Or not!

-- Marianne Michaels (, October 15, 1999.

Lisa, I left you a message on your OT thread addressed to me>>>>>>>> above :)

-- Feller (, October 15, 1999.

Vincent Price used to do that eeeevilll laugh better than anyone.

-- Tom Carey (, October 16, 1999.


"I continually find that the above mentioned term is uttered by only the most geek-like of computer geeks. It brings to mind images of pocket protectors, hi-water pants, greasy hair, half-empty pizza boxes, and porno mags under the bed. The term (again,I will not repeat it)in common English means "I have no life, so I'll make fun of yours". Flame away if you must........

-- nongeek (getsout@leastonce.aday), October 15, 1999. "

I would like to say:

JOIN THE INFORMATION AGE DUMBASS. The days of the nerdy, pocket protector stereotype have long since past. Look around you. You will find computer professionals of ALL TYPES, RACES, COLORS, and FASHION STYLES.

-- Cory Hill (, October 16, 1999.

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