Y2K associated power outages, fire codes, & marital law

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1. In the event of a Y2K power outage, and water pressure drops, are people living in apartments with pressurized automated sprinkler systems, for fire extinguishing purposes required to:

a. vacate their buildings the 1st of January, because of violation of fire codes?

b. who could enforce such an order?

c. how many gymnasiums are there for emergency shelter use in the greater NYC area?

2. Is the rumor true that President Clinton has stated that he would declare marital law should there be a Y2K blackout in NYC the 1st of January?

-- Enquirer (friendsin@big.apple), October 14, 1999


Enquirer, not enough personnel to force evacuation of waterless buildings, not enough shelters, fire is a definite and terrible threat, and of course the Prez will declare martial law (already been doing the marital law breaking thing for some years, apparently) first chance possible with Y2K.

Read the threads about military re-org under FEMA for Joint Forces, Homeland Command, and Cohen's comments -- oooh, mama, lookkee, there's nice men marching all sync cinc down the street, shiny uniforms, and we have cookies and milk for them ...

Check out the threads on Emergency Orders in the archives.

It's a GIVEN

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), October 14, 1999.

Besides, Clinton's the last guy who should be talking "marital" law...

-- Don (whytocay@hotmail.com), October 14, 1999.

Martial, martial...where is a SYSOPS grammar correctionists when you need one?

-- Enquirer (friendsin@big.apple), October 14, 1999.

Cascadia...got links?

-- Enquirer (friendsin@big.apple), October 14, 1999.

I suspect that by declaring marital law in NY, Hillary's chances for election will be minimized...

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), October 14, 1999.


whats the population in NY? 7 million or more??

how the hell would they inforce ANYTHING... much less martial law?

-- Cory Hill (coryh@strategic-services.net), October 14, 1999.

Don't forget, there will be plenty of extra fireworks for the millennium celebrations.

It's firebug heaven...

-- eubie (getting warmer@fireworks.com), October 15, 1999.

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