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-- Bob Watson (, October 14, 1999


Or just beat on the machine heavily with it rolled forward until either something breaks or you get tired of it and roll it back. (I did so for a month, leading up to a reinstall I planned to do anyway so that nothing would complain about the dates running backward when I reverted the calendar to normal time. Total Y2K errors: zero. Guess having a year-old motherboard with a NSTL-certified Y2K compliant BIOS helps... That and having all the bugfixes.)

If you have a computer and do not keep reasonably thorough and frequently updated backups, you are a pinhead. There is no excuse for not backing up a computer's critical data. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. If it's important to you, BACK IT UP. (I back up to CD-ROMs thanks to my burner. I also have a Jaz and a Zip, but that's because I need them for work.) If you have decent backups, you fear nothing the digital world can produce as you can recover your data on another machine. (Of course, if the power grid pukes...)

-- OddOne (, October 15, 1999.

CDs are probably a better media for backup than zip disks etc, because you may want to restore stuff to a different computer that doesn't have a zip drive. Things like zip drives, Syquest drives etc. may become obsolete but I think CDs will always be around as long as they are used for audio.

I bought a Syjet, and now it's difficult to find disks for it...

-- biker (, October 15, 1999.

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