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I'm zeroing in on my second 4x5. One that interests me greatly is the new Phillips. I'm having a little difficulty deciding which back to get if I decide on the Phillips. If I get the sring back it is a half pound lighter, but it can't be fit with a fresnel. It can be fit with a boscreen. Dick Phillips did a little testing for me and basically the fresnel was equal to the boscreen at the center, but one to two f stops brighter at the edges. The boscreen was about one half f stop brighter then the plain ground glass. Based on this I'm leaning towards the extra half pound and getting the international back. However, I have zero experience with the spring back. It looks like it would be way easier to install and remove film holders than the international. Any comments on advantages of a spring back over the other or anything else I rambled on about here? Thanks.

-- Paul Mongillo (, October 14, 1999


Sring back ? I obviously meant spring. This thing needs a spell checker.

-- Paul Mongillo (, October 14, 1999.

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