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Gee, I am just full of questions today!

I definitely think we need a topic where we can just spew our bitterness about men! So here it is!

Okay, last night Seth did something that kind of annoyed me. He started making these jokes about how I'm abandoning him since I'm out of the house at either rehearsal or class at least three nights a week. (This week, it's even more because I'll be out four nights). I laughed at first, but he kept it up and I got the distinct impression he was trying to make me feel guilty. I told him to knock it off and he wouldn't and now I'm annoyed.

It's not that he would ever ask me to give up the show or my class, but what annoyed me is that he was letting me know in no uncertain terms that he sort of resented the time I spent away from him. And when he does it in such a veiled manner, it just makes me upset and not really willing to sympathize.

My ex, Jeffrey, used to do this to me all the time. It drives me crazy!!!!

I know rationally that Seth is happy that I'm doing things that I love, but he's still a little jealous of the demands on my time. Meanwhile, I can't wait until he starts going out on the road with the comedy b/c that will mean that I can pursue my own interests and not feel like I'm leaving him alone. I mean, I'll miss him when he's out on tour, but it will make my life easier when I want to act or take a night class or just have some "me" time.

Well, I've decided not to say anything to him unless he brings it up again, which I doubt he will b/c I think he was just being petty and he knows it. He'll be right in the first row for Antigone -- that's how proud of me, he is. Still, I wish he wouldn't joke about this stuff.

-- Anonymous, October 13, 1999

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