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State Workers Pull Y2K Duty

(SALT LAKE CITY) -- Employees of the state's Department of Public Safety have big plans for New Year's Eve, but they don't include partying into the next millennium. All police, fire and public works employees will likely be on duty that night to make sure emergency services in the state are maintained when Y-Two-K arrives. But spokesperson Chris Kramer says it's just a precaution, and officials don't expect any big problems.

-- hamster (, October 13, 1999


Hamster, In response to the article, if anyone is planning to party into the next millennium this Jan 1st, they better have a very big stash of party favors. Unless we had a year 0 A.D., the next millenium does not begin until 01/01/01. Just commenting on one of my pet peeves. Larry

-- Larry (, October 13, 1999.

Employees at the Health Dept. Lane Co. OR
have been told that they will have 2/3
employees on the job from two weeks before
New Years to two weeks after. Better forget
about that holiday vacation.

-- spider (, October 13, 1999.

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