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Hi everybody,

I'm going to buy Sony dvd player DVP-S525D. Does anybody have this type? Can the self-burnt CD-R be played with this type? If yes - what type of CD-R should be used?

Any answer will be highly appreciated - Thanks.

-- Jerzy Bik (jurek.bik@centrozap.com.pl), October 13, 1999


I don't know specifically about the DVP=S525D, but I have an S5000 and it plays burned blue cd-r vcds just fine. I would think that Sony wouldn't make drastic changes to their hardware from model to model. Make sure, though, that wherever you get it from it has the option to play vcds in the first place. A good thing to do is to bring a test vcd to a store that has a working floor model and try to play it. That's about as definitive as you can get. Good luck!


-- HazyMind (hazymind@earthlink.net), October 13, 1999.

This model work perfect whit Princo CD-R and Verbatim CD-R

-- Ivan (mezanu(remove)@hotmail.com), April 26, 2001.

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