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Dara, Sharon and I met at lunch to discuss the summit. One thing we thought about was the items that attendees would take away from the conference. Because it is an e-Summit wouldn't it make sense for them to take minimum paperwork away with them? We suggest a postcard size "advertisement" with a eye-catching list of the web addressses where summarized information from the conference is displayed (i.e. speaker bios/info, case study information, sponsor web addresses, etc). This should be followed by a personalized email to each attendee following the conference with clickable URLs replicating the postcard information. Any thoughts?

-- Jennifer M. Trask (jen@diplomacy.org), October 12, 1999


I'm pleased that you were thinking about this. I think that putting the speaker information and materials on the Web site is a great idea. I also think that we should have copies available for attendees. This fills several needs: people use the copies to follow along and take notes during the sessions, some speakers may want to distribute brochures and other information that won't work on the Web site, and some speakers may not want to put their material on the Web in order to restrict access (or to avoid company approval processes).

In any case, at a minimum we should plan for pads, pens, and some materials for attendees.

Follow-up e-mail is also a great idea. Clovis offered the use of his systems for bulk e-mail. I don't know if they can do personalized messages but I don't think the personalization is important in this case. Let me know what you think.

-- Chuck Ehrlich (chuck@ehrlichorg.com), October 13, 1999.

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