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'Ishmael' made our heads spin... 'The Story of B' gave us some insight into how things could be different -- how VISION was the key... 'My Ishmael' made us question things we had always taken for granted... We began to understand how things got to be this way and where we are headed. Yet almost all of us still asked the question, "Yes, but what to I **DO**?"

In Beyond Civilization (BC), the teacher comes out from behind the glass partition and offers us some suggestions, and challenges us yet again, to "own" a new vision for our culture.

In this non-fiction approach to the issues raised in his other books, Quinn has gone where we have all begged him to go after reading his other thought provoking books. He has dealt with the question, "What do I do now?"

This is a MUST read for anyone who has read anything by Quinn, and should be required reading in all high schools. Thanks, Dan, for throwing us a meaty bone to chew on! With BC we are fortified to take on Humanity's Next Great Adventure!

Its available from Amazon.com for $13.17

Happy Reading

-- Berry Picker (BerryPicking@yahoo.com), October 12, 1999


Garage sale forum, two clicks to your left.

-- CygnusXI (noburnt@toast.net), October 12, 1999.

I'm kinda fond of that best seller I discovered about 30 years ago; really diverse stuff! It still makes my head spin and my heart swell with joy to read those godspell passages and Pauline epistles; some of those swell mosiac pentateuch pieces in the beginning are just awesome! Then you got the major prophets, the minor prophets,some apocapytical stuff for the visionaries among us; I mean, WHO wrote this thing?! Can't find this kinda stuff on the stands today!! Boy Howdy!!

-- Jay Urban (jurban@berenyi.com), October 12, 1999.

You bet, Berry Picker. "Beyond Civilization" is mine as soon as I get my first paycheck from the new job. Reading the previous books was like coming home after a long time in an alien land.

I am B.

Be well,......

-- Donna (moment@pacbell.net), October 12, 1999.

Berry Picker: Thanks for the heads up on this. I have read the previous three books and knew he was to come out with another. You are right about the "What do I do" part too. Looking forward to it.

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@thanks.bp), October 12, 1999.

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