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Kosky's girl and her braces will have to wait.........

-- kevin (, October 12, 1999


Wow, I have arrived! My comments got into a WRP! Yeah bay-bee! [chuckle]

With all seriousness though, I've started to sell the LED driver and array combos I've created and all they need is a case of whatever sort the user's needs require, and a power source. (If you're curious, E-mail me as I still have four sets left.) Plug the parts together, hook to 12 volts DC, and go. No soldering (except for the power leads), no reinventing the wheel, just plug together, connect power, mount in case, and use. Should be great for the creative types that aren't electronically inclined.

That aside, the white LED info on the WRP should help out quite a bit. I'm going to post a pros and cons article I cooked up regarding white LEDs so everyone will have it. That'll be up momentarily. (Gotta find the file, ah, there it is...)

-- OddOne (, October 12, 1999.

With Y2K coming at the expected one-second-closer-every-second rate, those that are prepared to do so mentally are preparing for problems in a more physical sense. Some folks are going or will soon go off-grid, severing ties to the power grid in favor of electrical independence. As a result, white LEDs have become objects of interest from both the Y2K prep crowd and the off-grid folks for extremely low- power lighting. This article will discuss the pros and cons of white LEDs in lighting applications.


My information is derived form real-world use of my own white LEDs. I also have a website up that is devoted to white LEDs, their uses, and information. References to this website might appear in the article, so I'll give you the URL now:

OddOne's White LED Information: http://www.geo


First, the positives...


Now, the negatives...


Hope all that info helps out everyone that wanted to know! If you would like more detailed info, want to buy or build a driver, or want to know a few sources for the lights, E-mail me. I have PLENTY of info.


OddOne, who's spent too much time tinkering with white LEDs...

-- OddOne (, October 12, 1999.

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