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I took a couple brand new, 5 gallon, 20lb, propane tanks to my neigborhood supplier. The older guy who usually fills my tanks and purges the new ones wasn't there but a young man was filling tanks yesterday. He noticed that both tanks were brand new and told me that there would be a $1.00 charge to purge the new tanks. I said, "of course, I expect you to purge them".

The problem is that he merely filled them up. He didn't purge anything. I told him so, told the cashier and they didn't charge me the extra $1.00 but only charged me for filling them up.

My questions to you knowledgeable propane guys and or gals are as follows.

What is done when a tank is being purged?

How do I know when a tank is being purged?

If a new tank is filled with propane without being purged will it be a problem when the time comes for me to use the tank?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


-- S. David Bays (, October 11, 1999


I had mine purged. I had no clue why, so I asked. He said you have to partially fill it 2 times and let out the propane. That get's out all the air that is in a new tank. It is supposed to keep from freezing? Anyway, I would advise you to take the tanks back and have them do it right. If not, report them for negligence! I'm sure there is a State law regarding purging new tanks. Good luck!

-- freddie (, October 12, 1999.

I'd think that one issue is that if you put propane and air in the tank, you've got a fuel-air mix contained in a sealed metal can. Not the kind of thing I'd want to be around.

-- Ron Schwarz (, October 12, 1999.

I found some interesting links on propane....

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(I must admit that I am guilty of leaving the BBQ in the sun ... Will have to make a cover with reflective insulation)

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(Please bear with me until I figure out how to insert autolinks)

-- John (, October 12, 1999.

S.David Bays: To purge a lp tank is to let the pressurized air out of the tank,so it can be filled with 80% LP gas. Some places fill tanks by weight,some by gallons. There is a small screw on the side of the fill valve,look for it. In order to purge the tank open the screw( fits a flat screwdriver)and the valve. You should hear air rushing out. That's air only (unless you have had LP gas inthe tank before. (Then becarefull ) Go back to the old guy who fills your tank before and reask him,how he does it and what purging means... When Lp gas is put into the tank the top valve is open and the small one is open also, when the tank is 80% full a white like vapor comes out. Stop Filling !!! The tank is full.... Close the small screw and main valve... Disconnect the fill hose from the tank.... Your done, go pay the guy for the lp gas. Furie...

-- Furie (, October 13, 1999.

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