Hardware problems

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Today, I encountered problems on system 1. When we tried to sign on to the Internet, that machine went into a long wait loop. Stopping and restarting the Internet did not help. I was lucky enough to have someone out for the day so I moved the student with the system in a hung-up state. About 15 minutes later when I looked over it had "found" the Internet (Glad I did not wait.)

My understanding is that Bob Ennis is going to habe the software on that system relaoded.


-- Anonymous, October 11, 1999


During the lesson 7 of the Intro class I had the following problems with the hardware:

-At shutdown system 5 clocked-up and froze - had to be unplugged to get it running again.

-System 2 would not allow us into the Email site.

-System 4 always brings up Netscape no matter whether you select the MSIE or Netscape icon


-- Anonymous, December 08, 1999

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