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What is the best way to set up your home for Interent? Should you have a seperate phone line? Does it make a difference?

-- Anonymous, October 11, 1999


Well... Some of it depends on where you live... If I lived in the GTE calling area and could get DSL I would look into having DSL installed. The cost is around $50 a month and you can be on the Internet and on the phone at the same time! Also your speed is about triple what the modem gives you currently. See if you can have this service by going to

The other thing I would check into is to see if my cable company offers cable modems.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, October 11, 1999

Having a second line is definitely a benefit! It keeps you from tying up the phone for long periods of time. It is also nice because you are then able to use your computer to receive faxes (if you have the software). If you do not go with the second line, be aware of the problem with call waiting. If you have call waiting enabled on your main line, when a call comes in while you are online it will disconnect you. Check with your phone company to see how to disable it while you are online.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 1999

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