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This was probably a local FOX broadcast that was titled Y2K Are you ready. I came late but early in the show they featured Paloma O'Riley and her efforts to prepared not only herself but others. Amazing they didn't go with any doom and gloom angle. Her presentation was very good and it showed her very impressive storeroom of goods andhow she is preparing. then of course thye presented all the polly side of things such as airplanes and elevators. The one quote from the show that stood out concern takingyou money out of banks. The narrator stated that "taking your money out of the bank was NOT GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY". Now this is the first time I have heard that remark. Of course they recommended buy traveler's checks. Did anybody else see this show???

-- y2k dave (, October 10, 1999


Nope. Did not see it. I believe that I read that Paloma O'Riley got fed up with the Cassandra group she founded and quit. Anyone know what the problem was? Perhaps she had as much luck as many of us trying to educate others?

-- smfdoc (, October 10, 1999.

My Fox channel is currently showing the Red Sox beat the living crap out of the Indians.

It is much better than any Y2k show, don't you think?

-- semper paratus (, October 10, 1999.

As long as we're on the subject of television, I thought I'd mention the CBS movie tonite "Final Run" about a train computer system that goes haywire. Wonder where they got this idea? Are they trying to warn us in a subtle way?

-- @ (@@@.@), October 10, 1999.


Did your local station show the Toyota commercial about the lights going out all over New York city at rollover. Sent a chill through me! No way, no how, would I take the chance if I lived in a mega-city, and stay for the mass hysteria! Not mass hysterical (laughing). Lived there as a kid, and it was scary in the '50s

-- michael (, October 10, 1999.


I had read recently that her leaving had something to do with the tax status in regards to the organization if she stayed and that she wanted to be able to do something else in regards with y2k.I'm pretty sure that's what it said.

Pamela O'Reilly was one of the first people that I heard talking about y2k.This was last fall and she was telling people then to prepare for six months.She said to think of the heat,food,water,medicine and ways to cook the food without power.She said the reason for people to start to prepare now and not later was to get the supply chain reved up.She impressed me because of her low key way of explaining what problems could occur and how to prepare for them.

-- Maggie (, October 10, 1999.

* * * 19991010 Sunday

Re Paloma O'Riley and Cassandra Project:

If memory serves me, Paloma quit the Cassandra Project due to rapidly developing implications that the Cassandra Project was in jeopardy of losing IRS tax exemption status as an educational organization due to her appearance before the United States Senate Special Committee on Year 2000--a political body! She quit, removing the IRS threat to the Cassandra Project so imminently close to the Y2K rollover.

(Ed Yourdon can probably confirm this better than I from my third party sources?)

Leave it to the IRS to politicize an a-political issue? Eh?!

Politics doesn't matter in the matter or dimension of the Year 2000 _computer_ situation!

_How politicians react, or don't react,_ as the case is, _does matter_ to billions of innocent (global) citizens on the brink of becoming unwitting, unwilling, and _unprepared_ participants in the greatest pending calamity humanity has ever face in recorded history.

Paloma has moved on to other venues to pursue dissemination of preparation information to interested (Y2K-aware) communities.

Regards, Bob Mangus

* * *

-- Robert Mangus (, October 10, 1999.

y2k Dave,

Would you descibe what she had in her storage and what she said about preparing for y2k.I didn't get a chance to see the program.Thanks.

-- Maggie (, October 10, 1999.


Second hand info, here, but the story I got was that she didn't quit the group, but stepped down as it's leader. She got a gov't job and felt that would compromise the Cassandra Group's credibility if she remained it's leader.

-- Bokonon (, October 11, 1999.


Yup, they played the Toyota com. during one of the football games. Not sure which one, we have a dish and I was surfing between games. 5 4 3 2 1, lights out! It cracked me up...

Tick... Tock... <:)=

-- Sysman (, October 11, 1999.

Paloma O'Riley is one of my heros. She was instrumental in getting me started in Y2K community activism.

On Sept. 21, Paloma sent out the following message:

Dear Friends,

September 25th, 1999, I'll be leaving the Cassandra Project to follow up related interests. For many months I've been disturbed about the lack of concern and appropriate level of response by municipalities, etc., across the country. Cajoling, debating, etc. has had little effect. The one strategy that does sem to successfully elicit a response is the spector of personal accountability.

Cassandra project is a 501(c)3 organization, and -as such - is not allowed to engage in lobbying or legislative efforts. It is for this reason that I depart. I have, and always will, support the mission and goals of the Project, and will be available to assist if the need should arise.

... the new website is at and will launch Sept. 26.

On Oct. 7, Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute sent out the following message:

Paloma O'Riley is having trouble with the GTE account where the Y2K Acountability Project site is, so has the site duplicated at another location ( I wrote you earlier with the GTE address. If you are still active in Y2K work, I urge you to consider getting involved.

-- Jay Golter (, October 11, 1999.

Peace to you,

I dont know about you all but the acute intuitive sensors are going haywire over the weekend.

My gut is starting to say hey big brain up there your animal instincts that know when an earthquake is coming (you know animals can sense this stuff) is saying Oct. will be a very interesting month. As in Banks with......and the stocks that.......because of all of the derogatory info. that is just now starting to more than trickle out. Critical mass building big time.

Anybody else got that SPECIAL Feeling???? Not much sleep!!

-- David Butts (, October 11, 1999.


Think small grocery storeroom. She has everything from dried goods to canned goods. Alot of soup and stuff. I wish her well. along with everybody else. Another remark that hit me was this: If you are not preprared you will panic. Now there is another subject matter for ya.. The show was broadcast right before the ass-woopin Boston put on the Indians... ouch..

-- yk2 dave (, October 11, 1999.

y2k Dave,

In regards ro the show ,if you are not prepaired you will panic,was said,did they say why?It sounds like alot more people are being informed on the seriousness of y2k and that's a good thing.There was a rerun of a y2k program on last night on Pax tv.There's hope yet for more people to prepare,not alot of time left,but enough for at least the basics.Any thing people can do now is better then doing nothing.

-- Maggie (, October 11, 1999.

This morning (l0/ll at llam) I happened onto a program on Channel l7 in the Ft. Lauderdale area. There were a group of people sitting around a table and having a normal discussion. A representative from the Labor Dept, a female senator from Md., a Red Cross representative, and several other people, some real y2k big scenario proponents. It was a great program with all viewpoints being put forth. Upon calling our cable station, I found it was put on by Dennis Wholey and the title was (in our TV book weekly program) "This Is America". They will not be showing it again but it might be on your station wherever you live. Look for it.

-- Florida Annie (, October 11, 1999.

y2k dave, what you described as being on FOX sounds like a firebreak.

(Firebreak is when the government enters the thought process to then lead those of it to a different mind set.)

The withdrawal of money from the banks being the give away in the comment. "One-third" saying they intend to withdrawal money would, in my guess, activate the government to firebreak. (Now mind you when I say this I am not talking about the 2-3% who prepared, but the 97-98% who did not prepare and clearly associate Y2K with "get cash" not a can of SPAM.) They show the fire buried deeply in their seat cushion, a Y2K'er with her stocked pantry, yet they (The viewers) really do believe her pantry is silly nonsense, but that fire just keeps itching and bothering them, and in nervous frustration it gave birth to, "Take out a bunch of cash from the bank!" The fire is shown, "We understand and agree" soothingly hinted at, then the viewers are led to step two, "Phew, it's not all that bad after all (Which is of course elevators etc), they are also reassured they needn't do what they don't want to do which is to buy some SPAM, and then it goes to the new mind set, which is "What is good for the economy is good for me." Plucked that hidden fire right out from under them.

I read once why all that goofy elevator is constantly brought up. The government does not want to put ideas into heads that are not already there.

At the same time Fortune 500 is in crises claiming that even amongst the highly educated it cannot find Americans capable of complex thought. Those viewers can think of an airplane in trouble. They can think of being trapped in an elevator, but they cannot think about a handful of tubes being lost in the Taiwan earthquake causing an effect reaching into the USA.

-- Paula (, October 11, 1999.

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