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The following I typed up on one sheet of paper and made many copies and mailed to friends and relatives and have taped it on the front doors of people in my neighborhood, under cover of darkness off course! I have done this, so I will not be stuck and overwhelmed with unprepared neighbors. I do not want their problems on my shoulders! Please copy and do the same! **************************************************************


All banks tell their customers that they are Y2K ready. This is a big deception! Is your bank Y2K compliant? NO Most banks are NOT Y2K compliant! Is your bank Y2K ready? YES But Y2K ready does not mean anything! Are you ready for the next storm? YES Are you completely ready and prepared if the storm turns into a hurricane? NO The same goes for banks! Y2K will completely engulf the banking system worldwide like a hurricane! All bank computers have to interconnect daily with other bank computers worldwide to clear checks. It is impossible for all banks to have their computers repaired 100%, because of human error. If only one bank is only 99% compliant, their computer error will infect all other bank computers like a virus and travel from Computer to Computer and destroy all other banks Y2K Computer repairs! Federal Reserve Chairman, Allan Greenspan calls this "Cascading Cross Defaults" or in laymans terms "Gridlock"! This will happen a few weeks after the Century turnover. Is your money safe in your bank? NO! Take all your money out in cash today! Go to a coinshop and convert most of it into Gold or Silver to preserve your wealth. Be very creative where to hide your cash and metals. Banks have only $3 in cash for every $250 in bank entries. So you must act today! A run on the banks can happen anytime! Don't be emptyhanded when it comes to YOUR money! Don't procrastinate!

A one hour Y2K program called "Y2K, a world in crisis" was aired on TV at "midnight" Oct. 7 to warn the people. A replay can be purchased for $30. Call 1-888-962-3333. Many Computer Programmers and Congressmen and Financial Experts took part in this program. They all painted a ver bleak picture of Y2K; Social Security checks are at risk! The US Mail System is NOT Y2K compliant! Electric Companies are at risk! They all predicted serious bank problems and a major Stock Market crash. Many suggested taking measures to protect Pension Plans, getting out of the Stock Market, and stocking up on food and water. Your money in your bank is at risk!!! Take appropriate measures! You will need small bills and coins. A shortage of gasoline and diesel oil is predicted by February-March 2000, because all oil wells run on Embedded Computer Micro-Chips that cannot be fixed until the Century change. Many are at the bottom of oceans! The flow of oil will stop! It could take a year to fix all oil wells worldwide! This will affect shipping! This alone will cause a depression! On the program was Ed Yourdon, a Senior Computer Programmer who wrote over 25 Computer books. He has predicted one year of serious disruptions and a ten year depresssion! He believes that this depression will be worse than in 1929. Stock up now on several years supply of food. One year may not be enough! Find a bulk food grain center locally and buy large 50 LBS bags of rice, beans, cereals, potato flakes, dried milk, dried eggs, corn meal, wheat, honey, etc. Buy many cases of canned food and vegetables from the grocery store. A few hundred dollars will buy you several years of food!

You MUST prepare in all areas. Alternate heating in your home. Alternate cooking equipment. Warm bedding, flashlights, batteries, oil lamps, candles, engine oil, solar flashlights, generator, weapons and ammo, extra medicine, water barrels, toilet paper, etc. Clorox for purifying rain water from your roof to be used for drinking water. Sewer systems are at risk! A porta potty would be a wise purchase. Imports from China and other countries will stop. Stock up now with extra items that are imported, like clothing, bikes, shoes, tools electronics. etc.

We may not see immediate Y2K disruptions on January 1, 2000. But as serious disruptions and problems "COMPOUND" all over the world, day by day, it could cause an economic collapse! Computers crash all the time and people try to work around them, but when it is a worldwide daily "COMPOUNDING" problem, the effects are devastating! You MUST prepare now to protect your family! Make copies of this paper and pass this information immediately on to your family, friends and neighbors! An unprepared neighbor is a very serious problem, because they become YOUR problem! If you're not prepared, Y2K will be the biggest disaster in your life!!!

-- freddie (, October 10, 1999



I appreciate your enthusiasm! But don't you think that it might be a little more effective if you didn't end almost every sentence with an exclamation point! This tends to make people think you are being overly dramatic about the possible effects of Y2K! See what I mean!?!

-- cavscout! (omigod!@whydidn't.anyonetellme!), October 10, 1999.

By now those who want to believe that Y2K could be a problem, already do and those who don't won't be convinced. Why put more energy into these people? Just quietly prepare your family and yourself. Be ready to face the dawn of a new day! This is the mother of all challenges that we all will face. Like a mother in labor soon the sleeping will hear 'it's time'!

-- Itol D. Youso (, October 10, 1999.


You beat me to it!!

And I agree that convincing DGIs is futile at this stage of the game!! But it is a nice thought, Freddie, and a noble one!! I put together a newsletter over a year ago to give to family and friends!! No one read it, and those who did glance through it told me I was crazy!! I have to end this post now because these exclamation points are getting tiresome!!!!!!!!

-- semper paratus (, October 10, 1999.

Well freddie! ! if it gets like that!! money won't mean anything, money is just a figment of everyones desire... if you get money out of the bank get STUFF. People and you will like stuff more than money Remember King Midas?

-- sandywell (, October 10, 1999.

You can't convert the DGI's and DWGI's at this time. But you can convince KGI's (Kinda Get It's) to get off the fence and do something for themselves before it's completely too late.

At work I've announced myself to be a "Y2K Pessimist" and phrase the issue in a purely economic manner: "15% of US business aren't doing anything and half of the 85% that are won't be finished. What happens to the economy if 67&1/2% of all US businesses have some kind of Y2K problems?"

Generally this has prompted most of my coworkers to do some research, seriously re-evaluate their situation and most have at begun prepping at least for a two or three week level of problems. Some have had their eyes light up and they are seriously prepping after visiting a few serious Y2K websites.

Others are almost violently DWGI and I suspect they will die that way. But since early summer I know I have prompted maybe a dozen coworkers to do something that might save they and their families lives or at least give them a chance to make it through.

But it was not using visions of TEOTWAWKI, Mad Max muties and tons of food, guns and ammo. The usual Y2K doom & gloom speech automatically turns most people off, so I've begun avoiding it except with other heavy-duty Y2Kers.

Around most people, even just saying "I'm a Y2K Pessimist" turns off many, until I add that I just see too much of a problem out there to avoid hitting the economy really hard, so I jumped out of the markets at last spring's peak. And since most people are watching the markets themselves, that's a useful opening.

We can't convince the unconvince-able but there are still fence- sitters who can use a gentle push to get them off the fence and running before the situation overwhelms them.


-- Wildweasel (, October 10, 1999.

"...and have taped it on the front doors of people in my neighborhood, under cover of darkness off course!"

LOL! I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want your neighbors knowing it was *you* who did this.

-- CD (, October 10, 1999.

I disagree that it is too late to convince people... I convinced someone just 5 days ago and now they totally GI and are spreading the word.

The problem in many cases, as I see it, is that a significant percentage of the public has never been approached by a GI. All they have heard is the media drivel and .gov spin. There are many, many out there who will GI if given the opportunity.

-- Y2KGardener (, October 10, 1999.

They will listen to nothing more, until they hear the growling of their stomachs.

-- Scarecrow (outstanding@inmy.field), October 10, 1999.

It is not too late for either preparing or waking up. I too am still busily talking with people, sending out e-mails, writing for the paper.... I think there a quite a few people who have been sitting on the fence and are ready to come down on the GI side given the right conversation or piece of information. I made up a letter using info. from the final Senate Report that we are e-mailing and handing around. "The U.S. Senate said this?" That has been a good one.

-- Shivani Arjuna (, October 10, 1999.

Wow, all these negative responses. I can't believe it. Only Y2K gardner has something positive to say towards freddies hard work to post his letter on this Forum. I'm sure freddie spent at least 45 minutes to an hour to post this, and nobody has appreciated his diligent hard work. I'm beginning to think all you GI's are a bunch of ungrateful slobs! I'm betting that this is the last time that freddie will waste his valuable time on this Forum!!!!!!!!!!

-- Y2K ready (, October 10, 1999.

Well, it has motivated me to shave my head, wear funny clothes, buy a tamborine, and start hanging out at major airports chanting how bad Y2K is going to be.

-- Butt Nugget (nubuttet@better.mousetrap), October 10, 1999.

Unfortunately I've seen been where he is and when I tried to enlighten people I got this blank stare as if I were speaking another language. Or worse yet they agreed but didn't think they could do anything about it. I don't want to b thrust into the role of problem solver just because they remembered me saying something about Y2K. That's a heavy load to carry! Yes it's all our problem, but the impact may be overwhelming. This is a time to rest. Be still(Psalms 46:10).

-- Itol D. Youso (, October 10, 1999.

Go, Freddie!!!! Good job!!! and I love that under cover of darkness! LOL. Thanks for sharing the letter. Let me go look for some doors around here. and other places. I am still managing to convert about 1-3 people a day.

-- (, October 10, 1999.


I wasn't trying to rain on Freddie's parade; it's just that any semi-aware person should have gotten Y2K months ago. Personally, I just got tired of being ridiculed, and called chicken little by friends, family, and co-workers, so I shut up about 10 months ago. If they really want to take the gamble that their brains are so much bigger than mine, let 'em have at it. I've got enough extra for 2-3 extra people of my choosing, and screw the rest. I also don't think it's wise to alert folks, (especially strangers) to the fact that you're prepping at this late date. But if Freddy wants to warn the world, who am I to say no?

-- cavscout (hunkerin'down@my.bunker), October 10, 1999.

Like it or not ladies and gentlemen, it is illegal to instigate a bank run. Those who attempt to do so may find themselves enjoying Y2K with Bubba.

-- Paula (, October 10, 1999.

Hey freddie:

I like your letter.

Too bad my coworkers' eyes would glaze over after reading the first five sentences.

They won't take the time to analyze the problems regarding Y2K, but they seem to have countless hours to spend watching stupid television programs!

-- Randolph (, October 10, 1999.

Good job Freddie. But maybe you should do what you have to do "quietly" without drawing attention to yourself.

A man had a large storm shelter stocked with his supplies, and when he went to his shelter during the storm, "all" his neighbors were there.

QUESTION: Anyone planning on being "mobile"? I have a travel trailer and a truck just in case.

-- Eyes wide open (, October 10, 1999.

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