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Floods hit Mexican coffee production

Mexico's worst floods for 40 years have had a substantial impact on coffee-growing regions, the Mexican Coffee Producers' Confederation said. It said the damage would affect production forecasts.

Tapachula, Mexico's largest coffee-producing state, was little affected by floods but rainfall had been above normal in Oaxaca, the second largest, and producers in Pluma Hidalgo said 30 per cent of local production had been lost.

-- joe (coffee@drinker.cup), October 10, 1999


hope Juan Valdez was wearing a floatation device...

-- Billy Boy (, October 10, 1999.

And his donkey.

-- Old Git (, October 10, 1999.

Drink your tea! A more gentle lift than coffee, and loaded with antioxidants too.

-- Bingo (, October 11, 1999.

You know, before I inventoried everything I had purchased, I kept buying coffee and stashing it. I'm a coffee lover and its the running out of coffee that really gives me the jitters.

So, when I inventoried last week, I discovered I have TEN 5# cans of coffee stashed. And that's just the ground stuff. Haven't counted the beans yet.

-- mom (, October 11, 1999.

We got a good buy on (nearly) out of date coffee at Big Lots. I am also buying non-electric coffee makers at thrift stores. I think I have four now.

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, October 11, 1999.

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