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BeOs 4.5 ATI expert@play card....Rage Pro driver Know of any compatible drivers to make BeOs function properly using this card? According to ATI's site I have the latest driver but I am still having problems. Dialog boxes- The text crunches together when scrolling. Dragging or closing apps- Remnants are left behind or blank spots are left over an existing app. beneath the app. to be closed.

-- Ted Gifford (, October 10, 1999


This is one area that software support lags the pace of the graphics hardware business. If you haven't upgraded to 4.5.2, then that would be a good start. I know I was able to get my network card on laptopm to work only with the 4.5.1 release. You can also post the question to the Be Technical Support people. The engineering folks at Be might have a beta driver they could send you.

-- Jamie Ross (, October 10, 1999.

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