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Check out the *new* game show that will happen if things don't go to shit in the world as of 2000.



"described as part "Lord of the Flies" and "So You Want to Be a Millionare?" on CNN/Drudge report. What the hell, I'm applying...

For a million bucks? It can't hurt to try!!!

-- Billy-Boy (, October 09, 1999


Just wait, there will probably be rules excluding "survivalists", which all Y2K prepping GIs are known to be. But I would really like to see a teams event, where such well-known doomers like Paul Milne, GreyBear and a few others face off against a polly team of folks like Flint, Doc Paulie and Poole.

Day four, when everyone gets a can of beans they can eat, if they can open the can would be hilarious. How long before you can open a can of food without tools if you're a real, hard-core doomer? Or if you're a polly? Hint; hungry pollies.


-- Wildweasel (, October 09, 1999.

I read a press-release type story about the show. It seems that 12 or some number of people are dropped off on an island with basically their clothes on their backs. Obviously there are resources and some form of shelter, but the premise is that these people keep voting (blackballing) each other until there is only one left on the island (that person gets the million buck$).

What's wrong with this picture? Fox will probably have their version where they each get guns and the last one alive wins!

-- dw (, October 09, 1999.

Worse. I read an article in the local newspaper about it this morning.

Every three days the folks on the little speck o' land get to submit a secret ballot to give one person the boot. When they whittle it down to two, the most recent X number of kicked-out vote to choose the winner.

Apparently this idea originated in Sweden and they discovered that the bad/mean/irritating/whatever people are voted off the island first. Until they whittle the count down, everyone understands that they will depend on each other for survival despite the idea that only one will will the million-dollar prize. So, it apparently helps to make friends and not enemies.

The paper article also mentioned that they screened the applicans thoroughly in the physical, medical, emotional, and psycological senses to ensure that they were capable of handling it.

And one final clincher: They can bring the clothing off their backs, some very specific hygiene items, and any ONE object they choose. (BTW, batteries count as separate objects, so anything electronic is pretty much out. If it's not part of the original package it's not part of the "one object.")

A million dollars in fiat money for enduring temporary SHTF conditions in a semi-controlled environment. Sorry, I've got more serious and infinitely more REAL problems looming. ;-)

-- OddOne (, October 09, 1999.

One final thought...

If I were chosen for this (IMO ridiculous) show, my choice of that one object would be one of my Gerber Multi-Plier tools. I can, and have, live comfortably in the wild with one looped to my belt. I'd advise adding a couple of them (or the Leatherman equivalent or whatever, you get the idea) to your preps and one per bugout bag. I'll happily endorse this particular product even though I'm not big on endorsements. [chuckle]

-- OddOne (, October 09, 1999.

Definately, altho I'm partial to the Swiss Army model myself...(Don't know how I even lived without one of those before!)

-- Billy-Boy (, October 09, 1999.

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