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Great Hills Baptist Church is doing four sermons about Y2K:

10/10 (tomorrow) Millennial Madness and Y2K

10/17 Millennial problems are Real

10/24 How to get ready for Y2K


I'm sure they won't be presenting anything we don't know, but I'm burning to hear the Banker's Y2K Sermon live- they might recite it?

The ad is in Saturday's (10/9) AAS.

Starts at 9:40

See ya there

-- lisa (lisa@work.now), October 09, 1999


Also, happening today at the Jake Pickle lab on Burnet road is the Texas Archeological display from 10-4, admission free. Gonna check that out.....

-- lisa (lisa@work.now), October 09, 1999.

Lisa, I'm glad to hear that you "Hill Country" folks are getting with it. I live in Cypress, out Hwy 290 from Houston. There isn't much going on here about Y2K.

BTW, if you need a good source for some basic supplies, there's one here in Cypress. I've been very happy dealing with them.

They are: Harvest Time Products, 281-970-8848, 11351 Jones Rd. West, (Location is: 3 blocks North of Hwy 1960 on Jones Rd to Jones Road West, take a left, they are at the end on a cul-de-sac).

-- no talking please (breadlines@soupkitchen.gov), October 09, 1999.

I should probably add that I am not a member of Great Hills Baptist Church.

-- lisa (lisa@work.now), October 09, 1999.

Closet Baptist is my guess.

-- Downstreamer (downstream@bigfoot.com), October 09, 1999.

I am not a mumber of Great Hills Baptist Church either. Is this a strange coincedence or what? What a small world we live in.

-- Jim Jim (JJ@driioc.com), October 09, 1999.

I belong to the "Church of the Heretics," anyone else belong to it?

-- heretic (heretic@hereticcc.xcom), October 09, 1999.

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