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I recently obtained a legit copy of "The Matrix" on VCD, and, I must say, the quality doesn't even compare to anything I've downloaded or burned myself. What encoder do they use[professionals] (I'm assuming HW) and who makes it? Is there any one who makes a comparable software encoder?


-- FunOne (, October 09, 1999


Movie Magic SDN BHD, the distributor for Warner Bros. in Malaysia and Singapore, uses true professional equipment. Movie Magic also gets the transfer direct from Warner Bros. International. Warner Bros. Int. always makes a LaserDisc quality transfer(meaning the transfer is intended for LaserDisc) for the distributor. They do not use simple tools instead they use similar equipment for DVD and LaserDisc encoding. The distributor is responsible for compression and for quality. Trust me no tools are available off the shelf for normal folks. You have to be a distributor of DVD, VCD, or LaserDisc to get these. Also distributors use different equipment from different manufacturers so there is almost no way to know what they use. The best in software encoders can not make a VCD that looks as good as a Commercially produced VCD.

-- The Lone Ranger (, October 09, 1999.

Damn, I was hoping to get some product names, even if its like most professional stuff (only $40k!) so I can look over the features.

I would write my own encoder if it wasn't for the fact that it takes some $400 to purchase the ISO documents!

-- FunOne (, October 09, 1999.

You can get close with Heuris MPEG Pro. But yes it costs thousands. Anyway your source should be stratospherically clean and pro and hi- fi and all that (streaming off a pro D2 tape probably) to begin with.

-- EMartinez (, October 10, 1999.

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