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Last Weekend (Oct. 2-3), I saw a brief mention that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and George Soros were long on gold, and were attempting to force the "shorts" to deliver gold.

This got me thinking. If this were true, it would mean that this trio was trying to crash the stock market. That did not make any sense to me.

Why would anyone want to force a financial catastrophe which was only weeks away if everything was just left to its own devices?

Then it hit me. They do not want other businesses to finish their contingency plans. They want the whole world in terrible shape so they could profit from the rebuilding of the system.

What resources do Gates, Buffet, and Sorros have that others do not? The answer is precious metals. Buffer bought 120 million ounces of silver in early 1998. There is very little stockpile outside of the Buffet hoard. Bill Gates bought 10% of a silver mining company (stock symbol PAAS) this year. Sorros is a notorious speculator in currencies and in precious metals. Together, they have realized the weak point in the gold and silver leasing scam. It made these metals real cheap for anyone who was smart enough to buy them up at bargain prices.

So what can you do with a big pile of silver. What can you do with a big pile of silver bars? Early this year, Buffet bought a large jewelry chain and fabrication company. He can manufacter anything he wants with his silver.

My speculation is that Gates and Buffet and making millions of silver tokens that can be used to pay for a Gates/Microsoft/Buffet fix-it squad that will repair the devastated electronic infrastructure of America and the world. Hundreds of thousands of lucky techies and nerds will be paid in silver tokens while the rest of the unprepared population hovers near starvation.

Whats in it for Gates and Sorros? They will do it company by company, industry by industry for an equity share. Say 30% to get things fixed. Right now they are worth tens of billions. By the time they are through, they will be worth untold trillions.

What is the role of Sorros? He is the heavyweight. He has played the game of blackmail and speculation enough to know how the game is played. He knows where the bodies are buried. Compared to him, Gates and Buffet are just boy scouts.

How plausible is this? I do not know. I suppose if I have the plot right, Gates, Buffet and Sorros will have me killed. If I die a mysterious death, buy more stock in Microsoft.

I have to imagine that Gates, Buffet, and Sorros are GI (Get It, as in Getting Y2K). They all have documented investments in precious metals on the long side. Anyone playing from that perspective has to be aware of the dangers and consequences of y2k. It is documented that Gates and Buffet are friends and they socialize together. I can imagine them planning financial projects together. I know that the financial press has mentioned how Buffet has been shifting his business stategy. He has been more interested in making sure that his companies can work together as an integrated whole, rather than going for stock price increases. The business press has not stated what the goal of the integrated operations would be.

Then there is the issue of the private island. Gates has rented his own private island in the Carriabean to enjoy the y2k roll-over. It is off the grid and very much away from any cities where things may get nasty. If the island were guarded by a squad of killer robots you would have all the ingredients of a James Bond movie.

I know that Sorros, a British citizen, bet against the British pound in 1995 and collected a billion pounds by thrashing the British economy. He even wrote a book boasting of the episode. This concept would be the same idea, scaled up a thousand times (or more).

This concept would explain why Gates and Microsoft have been doing such an inept job in raising y2k awareness, and in getting bug fixes out to actual users. You can get a CD-ROM of bug fixes by dialing 1-888-MSFT-Y2K. But doing so will put you on a list of those who have been legally "notified" of the y2k bug by Microsoft, thus removing your chances of future lawsuits against Microsoft.

There are probably many weak links to this plot. One I can think of is oil and gasoline. To rebuild the economy where no one else can, you need oil. What is the secret supply of oil to run this operation? I do not know. Perhaps that is something that they have been buying that we do not know about. Perhaps there is a fourth billionarie in the scheme -- Sadam Huessein?

I know, I know ... this is pure fantasy on just a few facts. I know I have too much time on my hands. I am interested in replies where someone can add a fact about these and other parties which could add to this picture. Or you may want to add some additional speculation.

-- David Holladay (, October 08, 1999



He'll sit on his mountains of gold HERE Why would he do this???????????

-- PJC (, October 08, 1999.

Gawd! Where is Andy when you need him?

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), October 08, 1999.


very good thinking!!! whether factual or not;

just remember the Neils Bohr/Leo Szilard/Albert Einstein story :

..."he [Neils Bohr] has some crazy ideas", to which Einstein is reputed to have replied, "but are they crazy enough?".

I appreciate one who can think outside the box...



-- Perry Arnett (, October 08, 1999.


It appears that your "pure fantasy" characterization of your post is the most plausible part of it.


-- Jerry B (, October 08, 1999.

Just because some big time players are buying precious metals does not mean that they are intentionally trying to crash the markets. Although George Soros is a notorious pirate. Nonetheless, as it stands, Y2K or not, the writing is on the wall for the present financial system. There are many who simply realize the bubble is going to implode shortly. The frenzied merger mania is one evidence that corporations are desperately trying to become too big to fail. The move in to commodities and metals by some has discreetly been going on for some time. The idea being to land on top of the heap when the virtual economy crashes.

-- Robert (, October 08, 1999.

Time to pass the pipe!

-- Bill (, October 08, 1999.

You're delusional.

-- Downstreamer (, October 09, 1999.

If I'm not mistaken Bill Gates only invested 15 million in the silver mine. Now if he had invested 1 billion you might think he was up to something.

-- Gambler (, October 09, 1999.

In the immortal word of Keanu Reeves (sp?) -- Whoa!

It's paranoid -- but strangely plausible -- gems like Holladay's speculation that make me say "I love you man!" (this board).

Bill said pass the pipe. Can hemp oil be used as fuel? Hemp, as you know, grows like a "weed." It would be reasonable to assume some kind of fuel switch -- fossil fuels are very difficult to process -- if TSHTF. Maybe that could be part of their thinking.

Only 15 million for a silver mine: If the mine is for silver only, and not silver as a byproduct of copper or whatever mining, it is probably not profitable, or only marginally profitable at recent/present levels. If (when) silver prices increase to significantly exceed the cost of production, the leverage is great (leverage similar to futures and options), so that $15 million could become $1.5 or more billion. BTW -- Andy -- wherever you are. Was throwing out some old books, and came across this tip. Got to find out the production costs of mines -- the price of gold required to make them profitable. Each one is different. Leverage is possible as metal price increases by buying the mines just coming into the profitable area for that gold price. Do you know what DROOY's is? And some of the others you mentioned?

-- A (, October 09, 1999.

Y2K has slowly converted me into kind of a conspiracy theorist, but some of these posts are really out there. It hink your idea is consistent with Soros (a little), but not Buffett and Gates. You are going to make it big by owning 10% in a mining company when you own 100,000,000,000 in MSFT? Gates is making 40+% return per year in the current system. Why would he want to change it? Sheesh. Buffett bought a big chunk of silver, not gold. He's a value guy who totally ignores all these market gyrations, not giving a damn about the short term prices of the stocks that he owns.

-- Dave (, October 09, 1999.

You give bill gates, the father of that gem of an operating system known as Windows, way to much credit.

Also, if G. Soros wanted to bring down the market, he just might have the juice to do it. However as a mechanism, my guess is he would use the weakass dollar.

I hear Ross Perot is long cattle and may be looking to bring down the State of Texas, thereby eliminating George W. as a presidential candidate, leaving the US of A for his candidate Jesse the Body with Vice President Donald "I've got a bad rug but a hot new wife" Trump.

-- Gordon (, October 09, 1999.

Soros took a huge loss when the russians devalued. That should make your day. A really huge loss.

-- bburke (, October 09, 1999.

Gordon -- I hate Windows probably a lot more than you do. But that doesn't have anything to do with Gates' ability to foist that pieca crap off on the PC market and make billions. He has proven himself to be a very astute businessman, so he could possibly figure a way to screw us in some other area of business (or the economy).

-- A (, October 09, 1999.

I like your style David - truth is indeed stranger than fiction. They are up to something...


DROOY is hedged at about 7% - not at all bad. But if gold explodes it could be bad...

I'm now out of all gold stocks and buying physical again...

There will be serious ructions in the next two weeks - bet on it :)

-- Andy (, October 09, 1999.

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