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I have been reading your notes on Y2K and find them very helpful, I am not trying to butt into a group of people, but have found a helpful tip for your group about the dry milk problem (namely the taste) If you use carnation coffee-Mate non-dairy creamer (use as much as it takes to make the milk as white looking as real milk in warm water to help it mix right, and add just a little sugar to taste, it is quite drinkable, and I have used it during snow storms when I could not get out to get milk for breakfast food. Hope this may be of some use to someone, also it stores well, and there is no need for new containers because it comes in a jar.

Trying to get ready for Y2K with the rest of you gugs..A friend...

-- Beth Susan Craig (craig@icu2.net), October 08, 1999


Also you could add a little Carnation vanilla flavored creamer to dry milk or my favorite, a little ice cream mix. Makes instant dry milk taste so much better. You can whip Carnation creamer and that is another reason to have it in your preps.

-- Carol (glear@usa.net), October 08, 1999.

Thanks for the tip. I find powdered milk acceptable but the rest of the family goes Yucch, so I add creamers or flavorings. I just discovered using liquid packaged Rice or Soy non-dairy milk. Locally, Fred Meyers had a sale on cartons for 99 cents. The expiration date was next summer (August I think). So bought 2 cases. We have tried it on cereal (dry and oatmeal) and it was wonderful! So at least there are some alternatives in our house.

Just keepin' on, keepin' on

-- Sammie (sammie0X@hotmail.com), October 08, 1999.

I bought a LOT of extra chocolate syrup specifically for this purpose.

-- plonk! (realaddress@hotmail.com), October 08, 1999.

I appreciate the intent but remember that it is a very unhealthy substitute and has no quality food value. Read the label. I have been purchasing chocolate syrup weekly to have plenty in case my hubby has to be convinced to drink fresh goat's milk (oh, no - not from THOSE hairy titties!) or powdered/canned. At least you still get the nutrients with the milk. Also remember that most boxed cereals (especially un/lightly sweetened ones) taste great with apple juice instead of milk - I much prefer Grape Nuts this way. Just a thought.

-- Kristi (securxsys@cs.com), October 08, 1999.

Oops, I think I should have capitalized "hairy" instead of "those" - please don't read anything into it.......... yikes!

-- Kristi (securxsys@cs.com), October 08, 1999.

I know it is not as good as real milk, or better than the powder milk, but my family drew the line so to speak, I agree with you, but short of a riot at this house, I will have to use cheese, and other milk products, but powder milk is a no no at the home front here. LOL.Had not tried Apple juice, but will since I have a fruit stand here in the NC mountains, lots of apples around. I am making apple butter and pumpkin butter right now, as in tonight, but will try the apple juice on breakfast tomorrow.

-- Beth Susan (Craig@icu2.net), October 08, 1999.


-- Bokonon (bok0non@my-Deja.com), October 08, 1999.

Even though it is more expensive, I like the Milkman brand...

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), October 09, 1999.

As a child, my parents used powdered milk to (bless their hearts) stretch the food budget, mixing it half and half with "real" milk. I guess you could say I've never been a fan of powdered milk, although I can tolerate it. The spouse gives a definite thumbs down to the stuff. But I still wanted to have cereal after the first of the year (gotta get those wheaties) so I looked for an alternative.

I found a brand called Sanalac at our grocery store. It is labeled "Premium Nonfat Dry Milk, extra grade fortified with vitamins A & D". It comes in a box, with individual 1 quart packages, 10 to a box. It doesn't look like the other powdered milk I'm used to - this stuff looks more like powdered sugar. And it really doesn't taste too bad at all - quite close to Skim milk, especially if it is chilled. Even the spouse remarked that it doesn't taste like "powdered milk" and is probably drinkable (as the spouse is a total DGI, I was surprised that drinking this stuff was even considered ;-)

Unfortunatly, I can't remember which store I bought it in, and I haven't seen any more since (am looking because I want to buy some more). I think it was a little more expensive than the "store" brands, but not much more than the nationals, and I like the idea of the individual packages. It is made by Hunt-Wesson.


-- Eyell Makedo (make_do@hotmail.com), October 09, 1999.

Today I ordered tofu delight drink mix,in place of powdered instant milk.I thought it would be a healthy substitute.

-- Maggie (aaa@aaa.com), October 09, 1999.

OHHh, hahaha, Kristi, you cracked me up!

Bokonon, Ovaltine lovers at my house too, but that stuff is so 'spensive.

I have stocked up some on chocolate syrup too, but appreciate the other suggestions.

-- Mumsie (Shezdremn@aol.com), October 09, 1999.

Nestle-Quik!!! Lotsa Choco-Late!!! Kristi....I won't even ask...but MAN whutta crackup!!

-- Billy-Boy (Rakkasn@Yahoo.com), October 09, 1999.

You might try adding 1/4 teasp. vanilla to each quart - seems to give a more palatable taste. Also, keep it icy cold if you can.

Anyone out there tried the dried whole milk found in Hispanic markets? I think it's called Lido by Nestle, but I've not been able to find it in the stores or on the Internet.

Also, anyone tried adding a little of the tinned cream? I haven't, but this might be something for me to try in the next week or so.

-- mom (mom@mom.com), October 10, 1999.

Hi, Beth! You are not breaking into any group of people...this is not an "exclusive club," but an open forum, and you are as welcome here as anyone else. Welcome!!

I have read that SACO brand powdered milk is excellent and tastes great. The poster said they got it at Costco. I didn't find it there, so I called Costco's buyer (see my post couple of days ago ref. this) and asked them to get it in. Also, the dry milk sold by the Mormon firms from Utah that sell bulk dehydrated foods is so delicious you'd think it was fresh...got a sample from one such firm. But to avoid shipping costs, am wanting to get it locally.

In addition to all the flavor enhancers suggested here, there is also that Nestle's Quik strawberry powder, alongiside their chocolate on shelves. Also, some of the protein supplements go into milk and flavor it. And there is hazelnut and banana flavorings as well. Your family will NEED the milk, and can surely enjoy these whipped into the powdered reconstituted milk. Why not try some of these flavorings now, to see what they like?

-- Elaine Seavey (Gods1sheep@aol.com), October 10, 1999.

Sysco Foods supplies dried whole milk to restaurants in 50 lb bags. Not sure of exact bag weight but looks like 50 lbs.

Saw it at: Harvest Time Products, 281-070-8848, 11351 Jones Rd West, Cypress, TX (suburb of Houston).

-- no talking please (breadlines@soupkitchen.gov), October 11, 1999.

I know this thread is about dried milk, but how many are storing Parmalat? My wife and I pick up a few boxes each time we go to the store and they all have expiration dates of 02/00 and beyond. It's really not that much more expensive than normal milk. So far we have just about 10 gallons. We do also have dried milk for cooking but for drinking, coffee, cereal, etc. we'll be using the 'real thing'.


-- TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), October 11, 1999.

Parmalat is quite good IMO- I pick some up for when goats are dried off- I buy it with only a few months left til expiration date at a reduced price- about 50 cents/quart.

also- evaporated milk works well too- in the can. Just mix with water to make whole milk.

Has anyone tried the dry milk sold by Emergency Esssentials? Is it any better than store type dried milk??

-- farmer (hillsidefarm@drbs.com), October 11, 1999.

Hi all~~

I live in the great dairy state of California. As I type this, I can smell the cows because I live between two dairies. I love milk, but my family wants it ice cold! How can you drink fresh or dried any other way, or put it on cereal? I also feel for the dairymen that have to worry about no power. How do you give a dairy water when the power goes out and you have 2000 cows who drink 15 or more gallons a day? All that milk and nowhere to go--all that beef and no way to keep it fresh. I'm buying can milk(for cooking only) and corned beef.

-- real milk (like it cold@Ca-cheese.com), October 12, 1999.

haven't you seen that commercial ("Got Milk") about the woman that mixes up creamer for her cats? look what happens to her!

actually i ordered Mountain Brook WHOLE dried milk for my kids--comes in cans, not that much more than from the store. but for a treat, i have also been storing away boxes of white and chocolate HERSHEYS milk-especially for the bug out bag. it is sort of expensive but definitely worth it and has longer expiration dates than parmalat (up to July 2000) is available right now. shop around for the best price and not all stores have it.

-- tt (cuddluppy@yahoo.com), October 13, 1999.

tt, do you have a link for Mountain Brook? Thanks!

-- Mumsie (Shezdremn@aol.com), October 13, 1999.

Thanks am going to try Hersheys milk and see how the family likes it. Isn't it funny how something as simple as milk can cause so much trouble in one's family needs. My family just likes milk, and it is the one thing that has been hard to find a substitute for. And how about just a plain old Hot Dog, or Bologna. Any ideas.

-- Beth (Craig@icu2.net), October 13, 1999.

add abouy 1 teaspoon of instant vanilla pudding/qt of milk (as you make it). Consume asap or the pudding will begin to set at the bottom of the glass.

-- Midnightmom (myhouse@bigfoot.com), November 12, 1999.

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