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Is it me, or is it that I just don't see the number of posts I used to daily? Is it just 'one of those things' or the fact that a lot of the older 'Original Posters' have said their goodbyes. As of late, the forum seems more drawn down. The postings don't seem as *energetic* as they were, and even the usual sparring that goes on seems to peter out. Is it that everybody is beat? Or is it that we covered everything that needs to be covered? Any suggestions on spicing it up ?

-- Billy-Boy (, October 08, 1999


Most of us came into this thing early or late last year. The fact is, most of our "preps' are done. Now we are just kinda holding our breath and waiting to see what happens, for good or ill.

There is no real "Point" in arguing sides much anymore. The lines have been drawn in our beliefs and actions. Many of us have tried to "discuss" the topics on the issues, only to be told time and again that we are "idiot doomers". Not that most of us REALLY care what others think.

In my own case, I have to do what I think is best for MY family. Everything else is just talking into the wind.....

Regardless of how this thing turns out, we have LIVES to lead. It is time we got on to them, and stop ARGUING the future.

Like most others, I HOPE AND PRAY that NOTHING happens around the turn. But, also like most of the "doomers", I am prepared in case it does.

Upwards and onwards......

-- DavePrime (, October 08, 1999.

Right on, Dave.

I am utterly fatigued with this mess. Been doing it everyday since Feb '98.

But I'm gonna watch it thru, anyway. This is the most incredible learning opportunity that will ever be afforded homo sapiens sapiens.

-- lisa (, October 08, 1999.

Yes, I am very tired. I visit this forum 2-3 times a week and pick out what sounds interesting and maybe spend an hour at the most. My preps are just about done, except for some odds and ends that I continue to work on. I look forward to all this being over, one way of the other so we can get on with things . . . either way!

-- winna (??@??.com), October 08, 1999.


Please don't stop sharing your information and insight into Y2k. There are probably alot of people like me, lurking daily since late July. I had read alot about Y2k and had been preparing since November of 1998, but when I bought a computer and got hooked into this site I realized there was so much more I needed to know. Everyday, you guys help me think of things that I have not dealt with yet. I know most of you are tired and as ready as you can be, but your insights are very much appreciated by those of us that didn't understand the implications of Y2k as quickly as we should have. Thank you so much!!!


-- Tory (, October 08, 1999.

I bet the old crowd still lurks every day, looking for something new, good or bad. As Dave said most minds are perhaps made up. All of what could have been said legally, and all of what has leaked out has been totally analized here on this forum. I feel like I have just payied everything I had to, to get my ticket for this rollercoaster ride, I now wait in my seat totally strapped-in with the true believers, wondering if this truly is going to be the badest rollercoaster ever buildt by man...---...

-- Les (, October 08, 1999.

I've noticed that posting frequency and intensity also follows the news cycles. There hasn't been all that much happening in Y2K news for the past coupla weeks, and I think the board reflects that. When the news heats up, the board heats up. It may actually remain kinda slow (depending on whether or not anything major happens) until around Thanksgiving. My guess, anyway. And yeah, people seem burned out. I know I am...

-- (, October 08, 1999.


And trying to take more time-outs, before the "holiday" season... and Koskinen... "heats up."

Observed, over the past year, that Y2K "newz" hits in waves. So do regulars... and old-timers.



-- Diane J. Squire (, October 08, 1999.

We're totally exhausted. The reason we're still here is because we enjoy most everybody, the comradery, and the news is just mind-blowing, and because each news piece points another way/item/method we need to take into account to be better prepped physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, October 08, 1999.

I get tired of this, too. But, being the compulsive idiot that I am, sometimes it's difficult to pull away from listening in on the threads here. (I have done so occasionally for varying lengths of time in the interests of mental health.) I, for one, HAVE NOT made up my mind about Y2K or many many other things. If nothing else, this forum gives me a little window to peek out of from my insulated life in the academic ivory tower to check out what people are like Bill Cosby said before the Fat Albert Show, "You just might learn something." I've learned a lot. Moreso, I've questioned and challenged a lot of values that were once strewn with cobwebs in my mind, which is now quite stirred up and intoxicatingly uncertain of things and full of curiosity. To be absolutely certain of everything is to be very bored.

Because I am supposed to be working continuously and only caring about my experiments and my highly-specialized, technical little field, I'm probably not supposed to be here. But I have a hard time with monomania--probably I should have been put on Ritalin as a kid. I'm just too restless to avoid the some of the wide variety of things that interest me. Ergo, sometimes I gotta just peek in here and see how different people relate to the Biggest Technical (and potentially economic, political, and social) Headache of the Century. Plain and simple.

-- coprolith (, October 08, 1999.

I've been here since April 1998. As others have posted before me, I am no longer drawn to revisiting of many issues that we have done for more than 18 months. Even the trollish posts and flame wars are like deja vu. I'm read anything of interest, and post only to threads about human beings endeavoring to learn about themselves during these amazing moments. There are regulars here who's existence on the planet matter to me more than I can describe in words. I've taken a couple vacations from the frenzy and come back because of them. You know who you are....I love you, Lovelies!

I'll happily dialogue with anyone who wants to talk about the wonder of human history and ongoing evolution.

--She in the sheet upon her hilltop,...

-- Donna (, October 08, 1999.

I'm tired.

But we're prepped, and we have very few questions or doubts left. Our role (if I may speak for GI's) for the next few months will be to help the brand new GI's handle the stresses of Getting It so close to the wire.

Last year we had to spread the alarm, wake the people, discover the pragmatic path to preps and the emotional path that would keep us sane on the way. We have now become, though no desire of our own, guides for our little brothers and sisters, if you will.

If you are exhausted, then see to your own needs, take a break, take care of yourself. But if you have energy left, there is still much to do. We have never been so busy.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), October 08, 1999.

Just an FYI. As you may know there is quite a bit of acrimony thrown this way from those either self or other-identified as polly. This thread among others is posted at Doc Paulie's as soon as their little cyber feet can type a tag. Dave Prime,...they are particularly interested in you since you've been over there a bit lately. Made quiet an impression on the Lovelies, it seems. So,...just FYI. The walls have ears,... a sine qua non.

It's a kindergarten world Ladies and Gents!

-- Donna (, October 08, 1999.

Yep, definitly tired and have spent more than a little money on this. Still lots to do though....

Even though I had around 8-9 months worth of food here (for my son and I) continue to add to my stores; I figure you can't have too much food (two trips into Safeway yesterday yielded another 72 cans of stuff). Am finishing up filling my fuel drums. Each time I go to town I fill the tanks on my van and when I get home I use an electric fuel pump to pump 25 gallons into one of my fuel drums. Plan is to have 200 gallons of gas and 50 gallons of diesel by the end of October. Another project is getting bio-protection gear for my son and I (just bought 2 MCU-2/P NBC rated masks) including coated tyvek suits, glove liners, over gloves, spare filters, rubber boots and decontamination supplies. Still have to get my new windplant up and need to build a weatherproof and camoflaged "blind" up above the gate on the dirt road into the property. The later I expect to be kinda "trick"; remotely controlled lights on either side of the road, a speaker hooked up to the "PA" output of a CB (the CB will be functional of course)....May not have enough time to do it all by 1/1....


-- Don Kulha (, October 08, 1999.

I'm not tired, I've got a second wind going and just waiting to see what happens. However, I am wondering where all the newbies are at? I would have thought by now that we would be seeing all kinds of posts from new GIs. Perhaps there aren't going to be any and the preps have already been made by GIs, and the rest of the crowd will be the panic herd. Too late to ask questions and too late to give any advice, so here we be.

-- bardou (, October 08, 1999.

Tired-Hell No!

I'm just trying to get a good look

at that lady in a sheet upon the hill.

I hope the wind starts blowing.

-- Johnny (JLJTM@BELLSOUTH.NET), October 08, 1999.

(blushing) Aw, shucks! But Johnny, the winds of change blow continually around each of our personal hilltops!

-- Donna (, October 08, 1999.


Tired? Yes I am. Do I continue? Yes I do.

Maybe the reason that there aren't too many new posts is that some of us are busy finishing up Y2K testing where we work. Maybe some of us are working on the plans for being able to continue business after the mess. Maybe some of this work will even begin in November or December.

But I keep going, and keep prepping as my time allows now. Tomorrow, I have yet another Y2K test on yet another system. My time is now nothing more than Y2K at work, and home. I wouldn't be sad if I woke up tomorrow and it was Jan. 1, 2000. I am ready for the date to come and go, no matter what happens. I will survive, at least for a while anyway.

-- (cannot-say@this.time), October 08, 1999.

Tired? Yes. Still busy with two final preps. The garden did very well and all is canned in the basement. I think the hard part now, is watching the rest of the world roll by, oblivious to what they will face in 2 1/2 months. Guess I better adjust the old tinfoil again. ;)

-- FLAME AWAY (, October 08, 1999.

Been here since Feb 99. Still have way too much to do.

Tired is an understatement. Tired of wondering, of not knowing, of questioning myself. Tired of coming here and reading, but I do almost once a day. Tired of thinking I'm crazy, tired of thinking everyone else is crazy, tired of not talking about it to my DWGI partner. Tired of worrying that I haven't done enough. Tired of wondering why TPTB would do this to us (lying). Tired of wishing it was tomorrow one moment and wishing it would never come the next. Tired of spending money, making lists, going to WalMart and Sam's.

Tired to the extreme but I'll keep on going till the ball drops because "it's not the odds, it's the stakes".

-- dakota (, October 08, 1999.

Hey Billy-Boy:

The most exciting events are ready to trigger off your imagination!

This early Autumnal conceptual continuity is ripening for some major surprises in the weeks ahead. Guaranteed.

We hope that others are as prepared as most here are.

But they are not.

The "original posters" are prepared and well armed.

They don't need us anymore.

Do YOU need us?

-- Randolph (, October 08, 1999.

Tired. You bet. Have lurked here a couple of times over the past 6 months, but been preparing since early 97. (Mostly planning so that it wouldn't be overwhelming.) And at work it has wound down to 'Well, all that money, time, and effort and we aren't going to make it so let's all ignore it and assume that something we couldn't fix in 6 years will be magically possible to those putting in 'command performances' on the evening of the 31st of Dec.

With 85 days to go, that is about where I am. But I would like to say that one reason I keep coming here, when I am at the stage of 'it don't help to even discuss it with anyone anymore, since there isn't much of anything they could do at this late date, at least not after I managed to convince them it isn't a joke, is that there are almost always items on here that I have overlooked, forgotten, omitted, meant to do and hadn't got around to, etc that are invaluable in completing the preps.

So I would say keep it up yall.

-- just another (, October 08, 1999.

just another (, you get our adrenalin going every time you post! Aaaacccckkkkk

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, October 08, 1999.

I am a bit burned out on the Y2K discussions myself, so I just let most things roll on by, until I see someting worthy of a response (or even better, a thread with some humor).


-- FactFinder (, October 08, 1999.

I am not tired so much as I'm melancholy. I have made a lot of mistakes over the last 25 years or so-mainly financial-due mostly to a poor career choice which I was too big a wuss to change the old fashioned way. It seemed each time I swung for the fence I ended up that much more wedded to my job and that much more desparate to escape. Well, now I can't bug out until certain financial issues are attended to, and I actually volunteered to get laid off (due to a nice severance package) as I can't afford to just quit-yet. Y2K has brought things to a head for me. The stress of tying up all the loose ends in my life so I can, if necessary, head back home to take care of loved ones who would need my support is growing daily. The fork in the road (stay here and soldier on, hopefully with friends of over twenty years if Y2K is "no big deal", or go home to family and friends from before I left home if it looks like Clinton will become President-For-Life) is coming up fast. Needless to say that I have been driving the Lord nuts with prayers for guidance. I do feel like I am acting in a dream that is slowly mutating into a nightmare. I just want it to be over-and yet deeply regret all the missed opportunities to make a positive difference in people's lives all this time. Well, I will just have to make whatever time I have left count-whether it is the next 30 years or the next few months.


-- Jeremiah Jetson (laterthan@uthink.y2k), October 08, 1999.

dakota: You said it all, could have taken the words out of my mouth. Guess thats why some of us hang here and other venues like this-just cause theres some affirmation and understanding.

I get the suspicion that theres many of us who dont look at life quite the same anymore-did anyone see the movie "The Matrix"? I'm alluding to the part where you have a chance to find out that the world might not be the construct we thought it many will continue to question, and look at things differently when this is over?

Maybe this is one of the most interesting phenomenon of the internet- changing life views thru expoure to information we otherwise would not receive, and to the constant dialogue and shared interpretations. Different filters. Is it segregating out a certain segment of the population, considering that theres bound to be a certain type personality and intelligence level that existed in the first place to get a person here, and an affinity for the intellectual stimulation that it provides?

-- LauraA (, October 08, 1999.

Yes, I am bone tired. I've aged 6 years in the last 6 months, and in all that time, have managed to convince and encourage only 3 people who are dear to me to prepare. Half my family writes me off as a nutcase. (truth to tell, most of them already thought so before.)

I come to the forum every day so I don't feel so alone.

I don't think it needs to be spiced up again - it serves a better purpose now.

-- Scat (, October 08, 1999.

"Weary and heavy burdened" sums it up. Moving family to the country from the city - I come to these sites to validate that decision. One family member I tried to convince stated "Y2K will be a non-event". Changed my opinion of him quick. Wishing it would get here to see just what will be, afraid I am not nearly ready for what will come, trying to enjoy the everday regularness without the overwhelming fear. This is my first attempt at posting to one of my favorite sites, bought a new computer just so I could from the privacy of my home. I come here and I don't feel so alone.

-- Pam Ryfle (, October 08, 1999.

It's a lot like putting up the plywood before the hurricane. Yeah, you're tired. You can almost hope it comes soon so you can get some rest. But you keep putting them up until you are all done. And then you pray...

-- Mad Monk (, October 08, 1999.

Exhausted. Sporadically check the posts, and engage on limited discussions.

Chopping 4 cords of wood and cleaning out a well from a transplanted Suburbanite while keeping a business afloat is dog tiring, but I'm better served by this than getting my blood-pressure up reading the Forum every day.

Lines are drawn. Seeds are Sown and Judgement awaits. How bad and how intense remains to be seen, but we are ripe for catastrophe...Y2K or no.

-- INVAR (, October 08, 1999.

Yes I am tired. I " got it " in the summer of 1997 and started actively preparing at the start of this year. As I told a female GI co-worker, I can't stand to use the letters " Y2K " anymore, instead I talk about the "beginning of the year " or " it ". If I might say this, I can't help but feel that all the GI's out there are like my brothers and sisters, I definitely feel a bond with them. Yes, I also have love for pollies, man I hope we come through this thing okay.

-- Stanley Lucas (, October 09, 1999.

You guys are right. It IS kinda nice to know that there are others out there that plan according to the possible outcome, not on the "word" that ALL the self-proclaimed experts spurt out. No facts given, just the "WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU SO LISTEN TO WHAT WE SAY!!" Yeah. Right.

Too much is riding on the line this time for any of that kind of thinking. I posted some over at Debunky for a while, trying to get them to give a few FACTS, but most of them are so hung up on their OWN qualifications that they can't see the forest for the trees.

And the SCARY part is, I WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE THEM!! But without the numbers, the data, the backup resources, there is just TOO MUCH RIDING on the outcome.

Heck, in MY field, I'm an "expert". I continually fix things that others are afraid to touch. But would i say that something "can't" happen, just cause i haven't seen it yet? Nope. And the other sad fact is that even THEY base their ideas on THEIR "experts".

I go by Socrates' thought..."I am wise in that I know what I do not know..". Unfortunately, THEY feel that THEIR expertese somehow makes them universal Gods of Reason.

How sad.

As for what i have seen here:

Everyone seems realistically concerned with making sure that those lives they touch everyday are somehow protected.

:) (I don't know, though, chemical gear????? That might just be a LITTLE too prepared.)

See you guys around. I'm just a'lurking again....

-- DavePrime (, October 09, 1999.

Tired might be an understatement, feeling a bit numb. Misery must love company, because I feel a little better after hearing how you all are feeling. My Dad is in the hospital, just had malignant tumor removed. So many huge changes and too fast for comfort.

dakota said it so well..."I'll keep on going till the ball drops because "it's not the odds, it's the stakes"."

We have explained our moving/prepping to friend/family by telling them that we are not willing to risk what we are not willing to lose.

So we keep plugging away at preps.

-- Mumsie (, October 09, 1999.

Very tired -- a couple of years of taking on more and more work just to move and get things ready and still not having enough money, but even more than that, tired of being made fun of by the same people that I'll have to welcome into my home with open arms and a smile if things happen. Also, tired of going shopping and no one ever has the same things in their carts that I do. If it wasn't for all of you, guess I'd be thinking right now I lost my mind, so close and no change in attitude in this city.

-- claurann (, October 09, 1999.

I'm glad to hear from the others here. I'm finally finishing the tomatoes from the garden this week (14 bushels in all!), and I'll start 8 bushels of aplesauce next week. My husband is outside right now painting the second gas tank for the generator, and my order for 2 cases of canning lids is on the way. I think that part of the tiredness is the preparing, and the other part is worrying about my DGI loved ones, will the wood stove burn down the house next year, etc. I have to keep reminding myself that God is not wringing His hands and pacing back and forth worrying about Y2K. It helps to have all of you folks here to share this with.

-- Ann M. (, October 09, 1999.

Very very very tired. So tired (mentally mostly) that DH and I took a long break from Y2K this summer and are just getting back to being in high gear. The preps were pretty much done in June. Now to refresh our memories on where we put everything and get those bug out bags finished.

I am so sick of having a thought about next year and then thinking "IF" I started a new job in August--I went back to teaching, because I finally found my dream teaching job. And I keep thinking about next summer and how great it'll be to be off with pay again, with my then 5 year old daughter going swimming and to dollar movies all the time. Then my smile and reverie fade as I think, "IF Y2k turns out to be a BITR." I am so sick of that addendum to every thought of next year, but I know it is necessary.

My new job is now 40 miles away in a different suburb, and my DH's co. moved further south, too, so now we are planning on selling our house in the north and moving south (the city is Dallas) but NOT before the end of the year (we like our location for the contingency of Y2K being a 3 or above). So THAT thought (of a new house) is also followed by the Y2K thought.

Someone mentioned they don't even like to say Y2K anymore. I don't either. DH and I thought about it, talked about it, lived, ate and breathed Y2K for sooooo long (late 1997 to June 1999) that I can't even say it out loud. I call it "IT" too, and DH knows what I mean.

But this forum is great. I took an extended break from it, but am back, and it is the ONLY thing getting me motivated. Seriously. I hear nothing about Y2K. No one I know even mentions it, or acts as if they know it exists. My students (8th graders) the other day asked if they could write their thoughts about Y2K for their journal entry that day. Nearly knocked me off my feet. They know about it! But I almost didn't even want to talk about it. They kept asking questions so I did talk about it. Ended up having a class discussion for the entire class and I asked them some VERY thought-provoking questions (what would you do if you woke up on 01.01.00 and nothing worked and you had no phone--many of the girls shrieked on that one-- and no TV or video games or heat or light and people are panicking in the streets?) They had varying responses, but most of them had never conceived of their world like that. Some of them have such hellish home lives the whole concept of Y2K just depresses them further.

Now that I've gotten myself down, time to go check on the green beans in the Dutch oven.

-- Preparing (Preparing, October 09, 1999.

It's not Y2K anymore..

Even the most hardcore "doomers" on this board appear to be conceading that it is not going to be the way they thought it would be a year ago. The fact that society at large has not "got it" and is not disintigrating with less than three months until the new year would appear to be the final push into helping most people understand that there has to be at least some truth to the fact that there was success to the efforts to fix the problems.

With embedded CHIPS, even the loudest hornblowers now admit it has turned out not to be anywhere near the early "warnings". The only ones left who still mention embedded chips, and even embedded systems are those who have no real knowledge of them other than what they have "researched" (read on websites). Hey folks, it's no longer something that will happen way in the future, its just around the corner! Your logic is finally overpowering your emotional reaction to being to the posibilities you have been concerned with. You have seen the other side of the coin. People, who have been labeled pollies, have intruded into this forum giving you logical arguements, sources, patient explainations that gave you areas to explore that refute the the information that scared you in the first place. These people have in the most part, calmly, without rancor attempted to help you understand that your concerns may be unfounded in different areas. These people have at times been met with blatent hostility, ridicule, degredation and every immature irratic and even some downright sleazy replies to their attempts at mature interaction. Yet they did not answer in a like manner. Where a post may have had some strong points made, there were those who would "spam" it in what looked like an attempt to "lose" the information provided. Old Git, you are guilty of this over and over. Yet the pollies continued to come here and post. These pollies were told over and over in many different ways that they were not welcome here. Yet they returned. They were told this forum was not for the purpose of showing there would be preparing for what would be mass failure due to Y2K. They came back still. New posts by these pollies, even in the middle of the night, would be lost because nonsense posts would appear, driving the pollies posts down on the board. Andy was good for doing that. There were a lot of posts that were cut from an identical cloth. A few facts and odds and ends changed, but basically saying the same thing. HHmmm always picking up the bad news when things calmed down and pollies and GI's started having rational and dare I say- friendly conversations. A reasonable pollie post would have a long cut and paste, usually irrlelevent for the 20th time repeat post added to it. There have been so many tactics that were so obvious that they could amost be predicted. Some actually were. Yet the pollies stubbornly continued to post.

Now this post, conceeding. Almost reluctantly acknowledging the fact that that life as you know it will not end at midnight 2000. A last gasp, oh yea... give us 3 moinths sixx months a year, something, or a lot of little somethings will eventually add up to prove it is bad.

Now you are tired, exausted need to rest and recover. From what?

The fear you have experienced has caused you to go through the same chemical actions as any fright. Your stove catches fire - your adrenalin hits, you get the fire out, it was not bad but it could have been if you had not had a baking soda to pour on it. You never expect a fire, never thought it could happen but you were prepared just in case. You are glad you did. The fire is out, you sit down drained. After an adrenalin rush, the chemicals in your body cause you to "crash". You are exausted, recovering from being in shock, or even going into a slight case of it in the aftermath of your fear.

This is what is happening to a lot of you right now, you are having a normal reaction to the (for some-long) fright and state of shock. Logic is difficult to use when you are frightened. When you "come down" from the fear yoiur ability to reason returns. Each "date" that was reached and passed without many (if any) problem caused your fear to ease. As October first was essentually the last "date" to worry about until the actual rollover, it probably was the strw that broke the back of your overwhelming fear. Even if you cannot conciously believe Y2K will be a bump in the road, you mind has been working adding together all the information it has recieved and is coming to the conclusion that it could very well be ok.

Why did the pollies continue to come here and post. Because it was more important for them to be right than the safety of their own children? Did any one of them ring that hallow?

As always, I will not tell you what to believe, what to think (as apposed to some people who are not pollies demand you do). I just post and give you the resoect of knowing you have the ability to think for yourselves and can make your conclusions. I honestly hope you would not want me to tell you what I think is going to happem. If you choose to read what I write, that is your choice, if it gives you something to think about or answers a question you have, that is your choice.If it makes you want to flame me and tell me what you think of me as a living creature in any negitive way, that is your choice.

Why do pollies post here? If you need to ask you cannot understand.

Relax, sit back, take a break so you will be physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the rollover to happen.

-- Cherri (, October 09, 1999.

Dave, I haven't spoken to you over at deBunkers, but congrats on hanging in their for as long as you have, it's gotta be as tough a place to be as TB2000 is for me at times, maybe even tougher? :)


-- FactFinder (, October 09, 1999.


If they had an Olympic Jumping-To-A-Conclusion event and you were a contestent, you would definitely win the gold medal.


-- Jeremiah Jetson (laterthan@uthink.y2k), October 09, 1999.

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