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The Year 2000 is fast approaching. While no one can predict what the century date rollover might bring, State government continues to prepare for continuity of government in the event of isolated or widespread disruption. Our state IT systems are Y2K Ready. I am very proud of our employees whose efforts made these accomplishments possible.

Are you and your family prepared? We in Iowa are well aware of how severe winter weather can affect us. Preparing for Y2K as you would for a winter storm could help you and your family cope.

I encourage you to think about your family's needs for at least a three day period. Store water and non-perishable food. Obtain extra batteries for your radio and flashlight. Don't forget prescription medication. There are other considerations. (Gives link to a checklist)

If you have questions about what steps are being taken by state government, contact your supervisor or department director. I hope you and your family will take some steps to prepare, too.

Tom Vilsack

-- (, October 08, 1999


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Night Train

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