Have you asked your Post Office what it will be doing come Jan 1?

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I went to my local Post Office Monday, as I do every day of the week as it s part of my job. I have a good repore with the two men who work the front counter. I asked them, "Are you guys compliant?" They looked at each other and kinda smirked and related this to me... They installed new computer systems last year at this post office (fairly large town in WV). The only way they can process mail is by hand if the computers don't work. As of Monday, Oct 4, 1999, they had received a memo from their higher-ups that they were working on a software program to make their computer systems compliant. As of Jan 1, 2000, this software would not be ready.

They will be going back to manual as of Jan 1, 2000. They will place a set of scales on the counter and weigh each piece of mail and then use a rate table (piece of paper) to figure charges.

This is not a small post office. It serves a fairly large city. Our company uses the post office on a daily basis. Can anyone imagine the lines and the delays in sending/receiving mail that is going to occur? Let's say NOTHING happens as far as Y2K is concerned. If this is the situation in most up-to-date post office's around the country, then how are bills going to be paid? Will your creditors wait? Will they understand? Will you get your bills in time to pay them on time? How will this affect the economy?

Just a thought....


-- Donna Messenger (Donnaeli2@aol.com), October 08, 1999


This has always been my biggest worry as my business depends on being able to get my clients checks in the mail. If they have to go manuel I think this would put a big kabosh on junk mail. I think about 95% of my mail is junk mail. If they eliminate junk mail maybe they could handle the remaining 5% manually. Of course this depends still on sooooo many other things such as transportation working.

-- Lucy (www.dontknownomore@webtv.net), October 08, 1999.

The U.S. Post Office has been most quite since this testimony last February.


Neither Bob Bennett or his committee have said anything at all about the U.S.Postal Service. Course with a testimony like this, maybe there just isn't anything to say. I mean it still leaves me speechless.


-- the Virginian (anyone seeing Trampus, please notify me immediately) (Postmanringtwice@Postmanmightnotringat.all), October 08, 1999.

Go to your browser menu bar. [VIEW] [SOURCE] then scroll down to +++

http://www.house.gov/reform/gmit/hearings/testimony/990223kc.htm ===

The html tags for making the link follow +++, enclosing the text of the link.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), October 08, 1999.

Because I am on 23 medicines coming from Tampa,Florida to the other side of the US, I called the Post Office customer services and they gave me a phone number to call about Y2K concerns. It turned out to be the number of the Small Business Administration and they said they knew nothing about the Post Office. I called a second time and was given the same number and told "that is all they had" to give people about Y2K and then disconnected. I called a third time, asked to speak to a supervisor who gave me the number of the Post Office consumer affaits. There I expressed my concern and was told that she would find out more information and call me back. That was over a week ago. No one has called back. Somehow I don't think they ever will.


-- Leslie (***@***.net), October 08, 1999.

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