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Sorry for my English. A couple days ago I send a message end no one answer me, I don't know if you don't understand, then I will try to explain again. I have converted some AVI to MPEG with Xing Encoder 2.2, then I go to EZ CD creator deluxe 3.5 and make a VCD following the instructions, the CD burns correctly, but when I go to any player (Xing, DVD, Media Player, ATI Player) the video don't apear and a error message apear, something like "the especified MCI driver is not correct". I like to know what is wrong. P.S. "When I put the videos on the Xing encoder the video frame don't apear on the box, only a black box"

-- Henrique Spencer (, October 08, 1999


I got that same error several times trying to play a VCD I burned on my cousins PC ( P90 with maybe a 2xdrive ) sometimes it worked and other times like you said a black box. 1st try it on another PC or if you have a slower PC or cdrom, upgrade.

-- Ernie Desir (, October 11, 1999.

You first have to establish exactly where the problem is. Maybe it's the disc you created; maybe it's the s/w player. So, try to locate a set-top VCD player first. DVD/VCD/CD player is okay, and one that is known to read CD-Rs (like Philips, Pioneer latest generation models, and most Sony); insert your VCD and see if it plays. The results of this step will steer you now towards other steps in your problem solving: if it plays properly, obviously then it's your s/w player or PC or both. If it doesn't then you are improperly creating a VCD. In EZCD3.5 this mainly concerns where it put your .dat files; if they are in the segment directory (instead of the mpegav directory) then that's it--all you get is black. This is a bug with EZCD3.5 Either go back to 3.01x, or use a little app called VCDGear; convert your .mpg files to .dat, then back to .mpg. This step seems to then force 3.5x to behave and put the resulting main mpeg files, now again it reconverted to .dat, in the mpegav directory.

-- EMartinez (, October 12, 1999.

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