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Hi, does the Autoreflex TC have a battery check? If so how do you do it.

Also I'd love to know what sort of battery the Panasonic MR9P is (basically whether it's a 1.3V or 1.5V)


-- Anonymous, October 08, 1999


Autoreflex TC battery check

Matt, The TC is the only pre-FS-1 body that doesn't have a battery check. The only way to tell if the meter is working is to flip the film-wind lever out to the ready position and hold the camera up to a light source. If the needle moves, your meter is functioning (however, as far as battery strength is concerned, you are SOL). Of course, while looking in the viewfinder, change the shutter speed a few times and watch that the needle moves in 1 stop increments. This will give you an idea whether or not the battery has enough juice to give fairly accurate readings, BUT, only an idea! BTW, don't use 1/8 sec. or B as the meter uncouples at these speeds, at least on mine it does. An interesting note on why there is no check, at least as it was told to me, is that the check function was dropped as a cost and space-saving idea (remember, there was a down-sizing war going on at the time among all the major camera brands [damn Olympus anyway!!!]. Sorry for the history lesson, but, sometimes, it's nice to know why something got to be the way it is. Jon ....84 days till the millenium, Frank

-- Anonymous, October 08, 1999

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