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An open letter to Cory Hamasaki;

Cory I do not know you from a hole in the ground. I would not know you If you came up and shouted in my face. With that said:

I am honored. I am published in the WRP LED Experimenters Kit

I do not take this honor lightly. I have more publications than my age in the traditional IEEE, AVS, MRS, APL, and so on. This will be added with honor to my list (I doubt many will note it's relevance)

I have two US patents.

I am a major shareholder in two US corporations.

I pay my taxes..

I subscribe to many publications..

Never ever ever. Has a publication SURPASSED my expectation like you have. (PS: I was really hesitant to pay the membership fee!)

Not only have you kept on publishing quality material, both on the web and by mail, but you have sent out EXTRAs Like LED's and Knifes!!

I have spent a lot of my life in research in the Library Stacks at Stanford and Berkeley. I have read a lot of the original publications by Tesla, Rutherford, Van DeGraaff, Herb, and Purser. Your journal is like a trip back through the Stacks. Real Stuff that is happening today. Real stuff that can change my life. Real stuff that has changed my life.

At many meetings, we drone on and on, and science does progress But it is always somebody else's nickel that is funding the research. If it fails, well just Find another job! It is the way of Silicon Valley.

If my flashlite fails, I have only me to blame. I built it, I tested it!!! I bought the parts I made the connections, I . Not some big companyI made it work It may not be a short wave radio, or a particle acclerator (I built those things too) But it is something I can hold in my hand when, well when I worry too much

Thank you Cory. Thank you for your newsletter. I know that you wish as much as I do that Y2K is a bump in the road. If it is not, I thank you for your warnings.

I have thought long and hard about your words.

I have not prepared for a 10, but in my own way I have become aware.

You will always be remembered.


-- Helium (, October 08, 1999


PS: Its better than Popular Science when I was a Kid!

THEY never sent me a HEATH KIT !

(so maybe i exagerate a bit)....

Keep up the good work!!!!

-- Helium (, October 08, 1999.


What particular section of the IEEE were your publications submitted i.e., Vehicular Communications, Power Electronics, Information Theory, or Pulsed Power, etc.? Additionally, what were the specs on the accelerator (2MeV?) and was it for a University or Govnt Lab? Regards,

-- William Holst (, October 08, 1999.

I heartily second Helium's opinion. Cory's words and work ring true. I count him as a true American Hero. Cheers, Cory! Here's a tuna-tin-toast to ya!


-- Pinkrock (, October 08, 1999.

Helium, what a lovely note to Cory! It will mean a great deal to him because it is direct, honest and straight from the heart. I think you get the Order of the Albacore with salad cluster for this!

-- Old Git (, October 08, 1999.

Don't mind taking a second and thanking Cory, either. Having been out of mainframes for about a decade, his experiences then-and-now map so closely to my knowledge that they had a significant impact on getting me off my rear about Y2K.

It's mainly due to Cory (be he right or wrong, hopefully wrong) and my own subsequent research that I have concluded that big-old iron is, by far, the greatest Y2K exposure and one that has received short shrift.

Thanks, Cory -- and pass me a donut.

-- BigDog (, October 08, 1999.

When I first started to read about y2k computer problems, I knew I did not know enough about the technical side to understand most arguements. I had to rely on other's opinions. I read Cory's newsletter and I knew he was someone I could count on for correct information. He was technical and explainable. Thanks Cory for helping me understand and for not being I am smarter than you, that's why kind of guy.

-- Carol (, October 08, 1999.

Let me chime in too with thanks to Cory.

Helium, did you really build a particle accellerator? Geeze....

-- dozerdoctor (, October 08, 1999.


You're also a very good writer. Funny and erudite both.

-- PH (, October 08, 1999.

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