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The Northern Virginia Y2K Community Action Group Presents How to Prepare for Emergencies this Winter

October 10, 1999 Noon - 4 PM Fairfax County Government Center

Guest Speaker: The American Red Cross

We will have some very nice door prizes, including an Aladdin lamp.

This is an informational meeting, no selling.

Please come, even if you know everything. Support us by the numbers. We will be talking about preparedness steps that anyone can do with a minimum of money and effort.

There will be numerous emergency preparation items to look at and evaluate, but they will not be for sale. I will be able to tell you where you can purchase them locally, within a little more than hour drive of Fairfax. (You can actually go into a store and purchase a British Berkfeld filter, a solar oven, an EPA approved woodstove for about $500, food grade buckets with recloseable lids, oxygen absorbers, grain grinders...)

I will talk about personal and family preparedness (as in Y2K Kitchen).

Ray Strackbein will tell you everything you wanted to know about generators and help you decide if buying one is a good idea. He will tell you how to be a safe generator owner if you choose to purchase one.

You will hear from the Red Cross about how to prepare for emergencies. You will hear from Jay Golter about the latest Senate Report on Y2K. Susan Attas will inform you about how our local utilities are doing.

I am hoping for a really good turnout. It is news when a large number of people show up. I do not want any reporter to be able to do an "isn't this pathetic piece" on the event.

If you are worried about Y2K, please show up and be counted. Chat with other people who have concerns about Y2K or even just want to know how to get through an ice storm without freezing.

Thank you. Sally Strackbein

-- Sally Strackbein (, October 07, 1999



My best to you on the 10th. Wish I could be there, but alas, I will be performing our last Y2K test on the 9th. Don't think I can drive from OK to VA by the time I get out of there, and get back to work by Monday morning. Know that I will be there in spirit for you.

-- (cannot-say@this.time), October 07, 1999.

Sounds like a happenin' event. I wouldn't mind adding a 2nd Aladdin to my preps!

Unfortunately for me the time conflicts with church services. I look forward to reading about the goings-on Monday morning.

Best Wishes,

-- Bingo1 (, October 08, 1999.

Lady Sal,

You need to check out the springfield connection newspaper from Friday.

Meeting at Springfield high school on Sept.22. Top leaders of fairfax county.

Sally this is the most disconnected article I have ever seen. The are urging residents of Fairfax county to prepare for disruptions in Banking,sewage,water,food,heat,gas,health just in case.

Be Ready to assist your neighbors against y2k scams!!! huh!!

"We are setting up y2k shelters" huh??

"we would like everyone to be self-reliant with this"-" be ready for weeks"?? "we cant possibly handle 1 million people for a week".

Elaine these are quotes----I cant type emotion nor incredulity. but I wish I could. This little paper effected me almost as much as seeing that 4 min. cnn conference with Bennett.

I came home and suggested to my, Sorta gets it because she knows It important to me, to buy three times more food each week then She has been.

Heres a little levity for ya.

My plan for barter if it gets bad but not too bad. Chocolate Fudge with nuts. Cans of cocoa,canned walnuts,marshmallow,etc. cook on coleman stove put in glass dish cut in squares and go door to door to all those chocolate loving ladies (ok and gentleman).

My new vocation!!!

-- David Butts (, October 08, 1999.

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