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Folks, just saw this on the Westergaard site. It really made me think. If any of you have any suggestions, forward them on, OK?

Where Are Y2K Survival Supplies When You Need Them? October 7, 1999 Elizabeth from Venezuela writes:

Dear friend:

Thanks very much for your care and e-mail. I've been working hard and alone with the Y2K in my country. I was wondering if you know about somebody who can help my town and I to prepare, i.e. we have been trying to buy survival materials from U.S. dealers but most of them don't sell out of the USA.


John Yellig responds:

Dear Elizabeth,

That is an interesting question you have asked. It seems that we in the U.S. have yet to realize the global threat that Y2K poses. Sure, we talk for hours about the threats that Y2K disruptions in other countries pose to our way of life. Interruptions in international communication, finance, shipping, travel, and more are certainly hot topics in most Y2K discussions, yet rarely, if ever, do we self centered Americans stop to think about what dangers Y2K presents to the citizens of other countries, many of which are far more likely to experience Y2K disruptions of a much more serious nature.

It is odd that most of the Y2K survival supplies are centered in a country that is probably the least likely to need them. Unfortunately I do not know offhand of any Y2K survival companies that are doing business overseas, therefore I am using this opportunity to put out a call to any Westergaard reader who may have a lead in this department. Please help Elizabeth and others like her. Write to me with any information you may have on companies selling Y2K survival goods overseas, especially in countries that are deemed likely to suffer from serious Y2K disruptions.

John Yellig Editor Westergaard Year 2000

-- mushroom (, October 07, 1999


It would be interesting to find out what kind of "survival materials" Elizabeth is looking for. For myself, I have never had to buy something I consider a "survival material". I just shop at regular old stores.

I'd love to hear from Elizabeth about this. Elizabeth, if you read this, please tell us what type of materials you are looking for. I have a good friend from Caracas, and she has a lot of connections there; perhaps she could help.


-- Al K. Lloyd (, October 07, 1999.

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