100 things I have learned because of Y2K

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7 I found this on Joes Self Reliance & Preparedness Forum (www.InsideTheWeb.com/mbs.cgi/mb618087) and am posting it with permission of the author. I loved it and certainly empathize with how Y2K has changed lives! Hope you enjoy it as well. 7 7 100 things I have learned because of Y2K 7 Wednesday, 06-Oct-1999 13:00:59 7 7 Man From Uncle writes: 7 7 100 things I have learned because of Y2K 7 7 1. Being out of debt is quite desirable.

7 2. I love kohlrabi, parsnips, and amaranth.

7 3. Seeds are more precious than gold.

7 4. The TV is the least desirable object in the house.

7 5. You can do with less electricity than you can now imagine.

7 6. Propane is the wonder drug of the energy industry.

7 7. You can get used to kerosene lanterns. Its harder to get used to the dark.

7 8. Canning is fun, easy and saves money.

7 9. Soap can be made at home.

7 10. Sugar can be grown in Kentucky, via beets.

7 11. If you really have to, Coca Cola can be eliminated from your life.

7 12. A scythe is used for more than harvesting wheat.

7 13. There is no limit to the lies politicians can tell, even if it means that people will die. (I used to think there was a 7 limit.)

7 14. The internet can be more than a source of information, it can be a source of comfort.

7 15. I have more friends than I thought I had, but less than most people think they have.

7 16. It pays to doctor a cut immediately.

7 17. You cannot cover every contingency. You can only cover the big ones, if you are diligent.

7 18. It is not good to be dependent on the water utility.

7 19. Poetry can heal.

7 20. Humor is more important than money.

7 21. Money (the concept of money vis a vis the division of labor) is more important for the sustaining of life than I 7 previously thought.

7 22. No one is an island.

7 23. Making a pencil is complicated.

7 24. My computer is a slave, who may soon rebel.

7 25. Solar power, vegetable gardens, homemade soap, etc., are untaxed income.

7 26. Untaxed income is better than the other kind.

7 27. Having lots of TP is a more satisfying feeling than I had ever imagined.

7 28. Corn weevils are a real and present danger.

7 29. I do not trust my neighbors with my familys lives.

7 30. Scrap rags are extremely useful items, and worth keeping.

7 31. Tin cans are versatile, useful items, and definitely worth keeping.

7 32. Almost everything is worth keeping for one reason or another.

7 33. The vision of your loved ones dying is an incredibly strong motivation.

7 34. Modern medicine can be supplemented or replaced with traditional medicine more times than not.

7 35. Penicillin for sheep is identical to penicillin for people.

7 36. Spiders are desirable in the garden. Leave them alone.

7 37. Honey never spoils.

7 38. Hot sauce never spoils.

7 39. Knowledge is power.

7 40. The IRS is NOT invincible.

7 41. Sharing your burdens works wonders for the soul.

7 42. Yellow jackets can be trapped and killed with vodka and orange juice. Really!

7 43. Dont have any orange juice on your skin when near a yellow jacket nest.

7 44. Digging post holes is harder than it looks.

7 45. Golden seal is harder to grow than kids.

7 46. Most people are stupid. I intuitively knew this before, but Y2K proved it to me beyond doubt.

7 47. The way to most mens hearts may be through their stomachs, but the way to mine is a good back rub after Ive 7 dug some post holes.

7 48. 100 pounds of salt is not enough. You never have enough.

7 49. There is significant danger in almost every facet of modern life. Its just harder to see than a snake or bear.

7 50. Wisdom is free. Using it is expensive.

7 51. No one knows everything about everything, except for God. If you dont know Him, youre in trouble.

7 52. God doesnt tell you things directly. He wants you to learn to listen to the still, small voice.

7 53. If you sulfur smoke apples, they will stay fresh all winter.

7 54. The nurseries all get trees in the spring, but fall is the best time for planting. Crazy, ain't it?

7 55. The highest paid science with the least predictability is meteorology.

7 56. There is a science to digging a pond. It aint just a hole in the ground. Be careful.

7 57. You dont know what you have until you dont have it. My Grandma used to tell me this, and she lived through 7 the great depression. I wish Id learned more from her. What I did learn may save my family.

7 58. Listen to old folks. Then ask questions. Write it down.

7 59. Ham is great when it is smoked, and it smokes easily.

7 60. Ham radios are not great when they smoke, and they smoke easily.

7 61. When the warning sign says "Danger, High Voltage", they aint just whistling Dixie.

7 62. Although there are exceptions, vision does come with age more than with youth.

7 63. My daughter has no vision. She came here "Just in case".

7 64. The thought of Bible confiscation has caused me to learn more of the Word. I dont take it for granted anymore.

7 65. The humble match may turn out to be a viable form of currency.

7 66. The same for salt. It used to be so, and it may be again.

7 67. The great majority of people really do trust government more than God almighty. I still am amazed.

7 68. Brand names arent nearly as important as having the stuff. Having some Joes TP is better than having no 7 Charmin.

7 69. I never thought Id actually measure a candles burn time. Strange days we are in.

7 70. I see our cats in a different light now, as true predators. Animated pest control. Thats how Grandma saw them. 7 I used to view them as accessories.

7 71. I see the loose dogs in the neighborhood differently. I now see them as threats to my Grandsons.

7 72. 14 tons of topsoil in one spot is a beautiful sight, just beautiful.

7 73. On Monday nights I used to watch football. Now I see a preview of people trying to get a loaf of bread from 7 each other.

7 74. I used to love my country, but hate my government. Now I love my country and fear my government.

7 75. SAVE ALL HARDWARE!!! When I do throw any mechanical object away, I save every nut, bolt, screw, 7 washer, etc. Its like gold.

7 76. SAVE ALL WIRE!!! Its not just for electricity. Its for: Bean runners, tying anything, tourniquets, miscellaneous 7 hookups, and oh yeah, electrical stuff.

7 77. No amount of money can replace the right tool when you need it.

7 78. WD-40 is the savior of the mechanical world. Get a lot of it.

7 79. I wouldnt trade my Back To Basics book for its weight in platinum, unless I knew I could get a fast 7 replacement.

7 80. If you placed all the economists in the world end-to-end, they wouldnt reach a conclusion.

7 81. Washigton DC, LA, SanFran, and NYNY will probably be destroyed per Gods judgment soon. I hate to see 7 the innocents suffer, and they will, but its about time.

7 82. Hell hath enlarged herself. Mainly because of DC, LA, SF & NYNY.

7 83. Apparently the old saying theres not enough tea in China doesnt mean much to politicians anymore.

7 84. You can make your own vinegar, and it aint rocket science.

7 85. The rocket scientists lost a Mars probe because one half of them used standard and the other half used metric 7 measurements. I could have put that $430 million to good use. I bet they cant make vinegar either.

7 86. I live in Maysville KY because of #81 & 82.

7 87. I now truly believe in spiritual darkness ruling most peoples lives. How else could they not see?

7 88. I never thought people would hate you for warning them of a disaster. I was wrong.

7 89. It is a moral imperative to use e-mail. It keeps millions out of the hands of the government. Kinda like untaxed 7 income.

7 90. Due to the concept of compost piles, I now view animal droppings in a different light. They are rather beautiful 7 now.

7 91. Knowledge is power. You can never have enough. Does that make me power mad?

7 92. Before I heard of Y2K, I never heard of Jerusalem Artichokes. Now I wish I could get a start of them.

7 93. You can freeze dry your own food using a vacuum pump and a canner in the freezer. Works better than 7 canning.

7 94. The single greatest achievement of quality control in the world is the coast to coast water quality in this country. 7 Most people dont think about it. I think a lot about it.

7 95. You can eat pond scum (duck weed), cattails, puffballs and stinging nettles. Yum Yum.

7 96. Dont try to eat stinging nettles raw. Just dont.

7 97. Nothing, absolutely nothing, no way, is free in this world, except the Blood of The Lamb.

7 98. If you dont use the company IRA/401K, you are thought of as an idiot, and are not to be trusted.

7 99. Plan for unexpected company in January 2000. You never know.

7 100. Plan for the worst, pray for the best, give it to God and forget the rest. 7 7 Man From Uncle 1999

-- Sammie Davis (sammie0x@hotmail.com), October 07, 1999


File | Save As.. -- and print.

-- A (A@AisA.com), October 07, 1999.

most wonderful!

thank you for passing this on, sammie

: )

-- andrea (mebsmebs@hotmail.com), October 07, 1999.

Penicillin for sheep is NOT identical to penicillin for people. Most strains of bugs nowadays are extremely resistant to all except the most powerful antibiotics. The ONLY thing you will do by taking penicillin to cure an infection is to make the strain more resistant, and end up possibly killing yourself in the process.

Bad advice kills.

DON'T go to Fleet Farm and start buying animal medicine!

-- Dr. (vet@animalarenot.people!), October 07, 1999.

Wow, turning the clock back & thinking for yourself, instead of mindlessly staring at the tube & letting "them" take care of everything. How truly subversive! Better watch your step!

Great list.

Thanks Sammie. (I know someone who moved to Maysville, used to work in San Francisco. Ring any bells...?)

-- big brother (wont@like.that), October 07, 1999.

Yeah, 100 pounds of salt just not enough, I better make it a thousand.

No wait, what if the entire city of Reno shows up at my door after y2k? I better make it a few tons. No wait, what if they all stay the weekend.... I still won't have enough salt. I know, I'll just sell my Lexus and mortage my house for salt. You can never have too much you know. I ought to be able to get at least a hundred tons for that kind of money. I wonder if a few hundred tons of salt is enough? Hmmm, better get a few thousand tons of it... I wonder if you can eat that stuff they put on the roads in the winter?? Hang on, I have to go wash my hands for the seventy eighth time today and think this whole salt issue through.

Man oh man, how am I ever going to get enough salt to make myself feel safe in time for y2k,?? they'll never make any more salt after the computers stop working!!

-- Obssesive/Compulsive Doomer (fucko@the.clown), October 07, 1999.

You may be right. I'm trying to locate a bug-out property with a salt mine as we speak.

Man From Uncle 1999

-- Man From Uncle 1999 (mfu1999@hotmail.com), October 07, 1999.

If you're serious about a salt supply, look for some place on the map with a name like Salt Creek, Salt Springs or Salt Lick. What is an obscure name these days likely got its name from the important characteristic of salt being available to early settlers.

WW; somewhere just down the road from Salt Springs

-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), October 07, 1999.

Barring your very own saltlick, find whatever local store handles horse feed. Salt available in 50-lb blocks for about $4. Turns into the granulated stuff with a little elbow grease.

-- Lisa Deeds (ldeeds@kumc.edu), October 07, 1999.

Been there, done that. ;-)

-- Elbow Grease (LBO Grise@aol.com), October 07, 1999.

Thanks, Sam

-- Hawthorne (99@00.com), October 07, 1999.

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