I AM USING VOODOO3 3500 TO CAPTURE A AVI FILE,then i get my avi file and put it through xingmpeg encoderV2.2,in the encoder i pick video cd -pal-and it encodes it ok into a mpg file then i put it in video cd creator(adaptec v3.5c)OR VIDPAK 4 and let the startup wizard do it thing this looks like it has done the job ok but!!!!!!! when i put it in the psx(using gamers vcd card v1.0/1.1/2.0)it just freezes on the first frame,when i put it in the pc through a vcd player it works ok!!!!! please please what iam i doing wrong

-- SHAUN DARREL (SHAUN@TOPDJS.CO.UK), October 06, 1999


It sounds like the VCD format might be wrong. Is your PSX card PAL?, if you are in North America, then you should be using the NTSC format, not PAL.(In Xing you can change that) Good Luck!

-- Jay (, October 06, 1999.

As I'd been reading this forum for a little while, it seems that the only versions of EZCDC capable of creating a fully compliant VCD are 3.0 b/c/d. Take a while to read, and you'll notice that lots of people are driving nuts because after upgrading to v.3.5 and v.4.0, they've lost the chance to make a fully compliant VCD (of course, almost any grafting will be watchable in the PC, BUT for a true VCD player... that's a very different!)

-- Matias (, October 08, 1999.

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