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CHECK OUT these new Y2K worker health & safety resources from the National Institute for Environmental Health Science!!!

Press release:

Course materials at: Includes:

1. Powerpoint slides that summarize & accompany the Handbook

2. Y2K Worker Awareness Handbook (about 70 pages of useful info about Y2K issues in hazardous industries and emergency response situations)

3. Potential "what if" scenarios

4. Resource list

Here's the review from the Senate Committee's "100 Day Report" (p. 150):

NIEHS Worker Training Course: A special training course to help workers prepare for potential health and safety risks associated with Y2K is being developed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the National Clearinghouse for Worker Safety & Health Training.

The course will target workers in a variety of sectors including the industrial trades, the construction trades, the health care industry, hazardous materials related fields, and emergency response activities. It will include an overview of who and what the Y2K problem could potentially impact, an update of the state of individual industries Y2K compliance, an outline of how the problem might affect different workplaces, as well as measures workers can take to safeguard themselves and others.

**Please circulate these materials to your friends and colleagues in these industries!!**

-- d (, October 06, 1999


Thanks, d, have sent the press release to someone in the local 911 hierarchy.

-- Old Git (, October 06, 1999.

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