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Colleen wrote: > If I find time to play with logos this weekend I'll email ya'll and let you see > what I've got. I've got something in mind that we could give out to people to > let them be in our little clique!

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1999


Liz wrote... I can't wait to see them! This is so cool having our own little clique!

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1999

I'm so glad you guys like that name. I just randomly thought of it when I was making the forem. I really wanted to use the word "sisters" and "Journal sisters" just sort of popped in my head.

I was going to make a logo that said "Journal Sisters...Chock full of Chicky Goodness" and I probably will still do it, I just have to make time for it. This weekend probably.

What do you guys thing?

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1999

Oh, and I think the admission policy is going to be VERY strict.

And the first weekend is just for us. We can decide who else can be at another gathering as time goes on.

The only person I had in mind so far is Elspeth.

I wasn't planning on making this forem a big popular thing, really I meant it to just be for us so that we can organize our thoughts and be able to keep up with them as we have time.

Let's play with it ourselves for a while and then decide what to do.

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1999

I think we can figure somethign to use both the latin and the english. And I also doubt that any other people wander around saying "chock full of chicky goodness"!

I've got monday off from work and I'm going to mess with Photoshop and see what I can come up with. We can make something that we can give out to other people too.

And I think we should make a web page that it could link to. :) With little bios of us and maybe the coincidences.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 1999

I move that we officially christen ourselves the Journal Sisters! I wouldn't mind adding other people eventually, but the admission process would have to be strict, and I want our first "reunion" to be just the four of us. (And if anyone knows what "Journal Sisters" is in Latin or Greek or something, we could use that too, just to sound cool.)

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1999

Colleen! I LOVE it!!! CHOCK FULL OF CHICKY GOODNESS is perfect! Can't wait to see our logo!!

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1999

The Latin version is "Diurna Sororia," which just goes to show you (a) there is no end to the things you can figure out with a computer and a phone line and (b) I am avoiding work in the worst way.

(And by the way, Julius Caeser apparently never had much need to say "chock full of chicky goodness" because I couldn't find a translation for that.)

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1999

I really like the Latin! Maybe we can figure out a way to use both!

-- Anonymous, October 07, 1999

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