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Hello: Does anyone know about and or have experience in using a 210mm f10 Process Nikkor? Your answers will be great appreciate. Thanks, Tito.

-- Tito Sobrinho (, October 05, 1999



I have the 250 mm. It's a wonderful lens but only stops down to f32 and it is HUMONGOUS. Someday I am going to raise the money to install it in a Copal 10,000 shutter. I don't think the 210 will cover 8x10, but should do 5x7.

-- Erik Ryberg (, October 05, 1999.

I've got the 360 f/9. I had it mounted into a no. 3 shutter by Steve Grimes. I use it on 4x5. Big lens, big shutter, big extension. IT seems quite sharp, but I haven't done any real tests. These lenses in general don't have huge coverage, they were intended more for 1:1 reproduction, (I think I heard somewhere 60 some odd degrees) but even a moderately narrow 360 has huge coverage on 4x5.

My daughter loves to put treasures in the nice wooden box it came in.

My 210 in a Rodenstock, but that's a really nice general purpose focal length for 4x5. It was my only lens for quite a while, and it worked well for me.

Got any more specific questions?

-- mike rosenlof (, October 06, 1999.

The f10 and f9 are quite different designs, judging by the look of them. I have no idea their relative merits, though.

-- Erik Ryberg (, October 06, 1999.

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