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I was up late last night and saw the tv infomercial about the cookware that cooks the food without being on a heat source. The theory is not a new one, but the cookware seems to be very suitable for this type of cooking. Anyone have this cookware yet?

-- Carol (, October 05, 1999


I also saw that cookware and thought it would be the greatest until they gave the price -- at which time I passed on it. Shortly thereafter, there were some postings on this forum about making something similar. If I remember correctly, you take a cardboard box and line it on the bottom and sides with styroform sheets (a couple thicknesses). Lay a ceramic tile on the bottom (a little flat kitchen trivet you use on your stove for hot pots should work the same way). Someone recommended getting a casserole dish with lid (maybe like a 1.5 quart Visions casserole). Put your food in the casserole container and get it boiling on your propane stove or whatever you are using. Then, place it in the box. Put more styrofoam on top and maybe even line it with additional newspaper or a towel. Close the lid and let it sit in there for about five hours. You'll probably have to think ahead a little and maybe get it started late morning to have it ready for dinner. Apparently you need to experiment. I haven't tried it yet, but others who have tried it said it works very well. I think it will be a great way to save on propane or kerosene or whatever. I am also planning to use a large thermos (a good one) for things like beans, seeds, etc. Similar principle. Put seeds or beans in, add boiling water, and let sit for maybe five hours. In the summer time, I will probably get a box and line it with aluminum foil. I also plan to cover the underside of the lids and leave them propped open. I'll lay my food in the open box with the flaps extended outward and then lay a piece of clear glass on top to make the sun's rays stronger. This again will require advance planning as I believe it takes several hours also. Just some suggestions. Good luck.

-- Diana (, October 06, 1999.

You can put boiling water in a thermos and cook almost anything in a short time without adding anymore heat! Put in wheat overnite and you have cereal in the morning!

-- freddie (, October 08, 1999.

Scroll down to bottom of forum to FOOD-COOKING, click on that then go down to HERE IS BUSH BOX. I use it all the time.


-- Taz (, October 08, 1999.

Hi all, Here is a web site that has solor cooking, and blue prints on the cookers. Just keep clicking on the different web links, and it takes you to blue prints. Maybe this will help.

-- Beth (, October 14, 1999.

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