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I just recieved six battery lights from Home Shopping.They are also sold thru infomercials on T.V.These are going to be perfect for me to use,along with my oil lamps.Each one is a little bigger then a saucer,flat on the bottom and domed top where the light comes can hang it on a wall or sit it on a table.To turn it on or off you simply touch the top dome.It isn't very bright,but enough where you can see where your going.I put one in the bathroom,bedroom,kitchen,hallway,closet and garage.They take four double A

batteries,which I paid $1.50 for six at the Dollar Store.The 6 dome lights cost about $17.00 plus s&h.You can put one on the wall as you enter the bathroom ,turn on when entering off when leaving.Better then using candles.

-- Maggie (, October 05, 1999


Maggie, we think alike! I have these too, and I keep one in my storage pantry. Works better than a flashlight. Even with the overhead light source it is hard to see the back of the shelves. I keep one in my kitchen cabinet shelves where the pot I need seems to disappear to the very back. We have them on the wall next to the light switch in our bathrooms (there is no window in our baths). They are very useful. Flashlights seem to always be moved from where I need them to be.

-- Carol (, October 05, 1999.

Carol,do you have any other ideas that I can use?

-- Maggie (, October 05, 1999.

They sell these at Home Depot--the Garrity "Touch 'N Lite." UPC#714196-20040. Cost about $7 each there. Were in the flashlight department. We left one on overnight in a power outage, and by morning, the 4 new alkaline batteries were dead--lifespan of about 10 hrs.?? Lesson learned: These lights are great for occasional use, but not for the long haul. They're handy to leave on the bathroom counter--easy to find in the dark, and little ones like to press them on and off. They have a green flourescent dot in the middle that glows after the light goes off.

-- --- (---@---.---), October 06, 1999.

I have one of these lights in my bathroom also. Also paid about $7. I replaced the incandescant bulb that came with the light with a single white LED bulb that I made. It will run for 96 hours on a set of alkaline AAs this way. It draws less than 1/10 the power of the original bulb. It is not as bright, but if the lights are out and our eyes are adjusted to the dark, it is way plenty to keep from tripping and to hit what you are aiming at. A second brighter light is available in the bathroom for tasks needing more light density.

LED bulbs are "easy" to make for those who know how to solder. Have made flashlight bulbs and replacement bulbs for normal edison sockets, like a desk lamp or clip light to run on 12 volts DC. is a long reply on other board with more details. Hope it is ok to list that here.

As an aside, AA batteries have about 1/8 as much power stored as D cells, but cost more than half as much usually. Wall lights like you describe are available that take D cells. This would save about 75% of the battery money in the long run. This goes for all flashlights, radios, etc.

-- tree (, October 11, 1999.

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