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I was looking at the sample travel pack page for an idea of where to start. Since I live in Toronto, I of course checked out the MEC bags since the store is quite handy. When I got to the store though, I found that the Jet bag (both the regular and jumbo) had no waist belt, only shoulder straps. What I'm wondering is this: is it worth buying this or should I go for a model with a waist strap? When I travel it is mostly independant, either by train, bus or walking so I was thinking the support would be needed. Does anyone have a favorite travel pack they recommend? thanks.

-- Jen Liem (, October 05, 1999


I have both the regular and the small JET bags, and I love them. The small one is really too small to need a belt while a waist belt would improve the jumbo one. Unfortunately the design of the bags is such that they can't put one on "at the factory". However, you can buy extra straps, etc at MEC which would allow you to attach a custom belt of your own.

The small JET bag is really small , you have to be very careful as to what you pack in it while the jumbo bag is a nice size BIT it's very easy to overstuff, putting it into the "checkable" category.


-- Jill Marsh (, January 18, 2000.

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