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I've burn two cd's with Adaptec Easy CD Cretor deluxe 3.5, and the recording runs correctly, but when I play the CD it won't work, the player shows a message like driver incorrectly, my player software is an ATI player from All-in-wonder 128, I've allready tried with Windows Media Player 6.2 and 6.1, but also don't work, shows a GPF error, I tried in other computers two and don't work. Please help me!

-- Henrique Spencer (, October 05, 1999


Hi. I see you have the exact same problem I have right now. What MPG ENCODER are you using, I am using the XING encoder. and it show that problem. I am looking for a diferent encoder and player to try again.. Ill let you know what happens.... mail me if someone helps you out...... bye.. carlos

-- Carlos Moreno (, October 08, 1999.

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