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One more big question left: there are two caps on the barrels. One opens readily with the opener I purchased with them. The other will not budge, either for me or for a friend's husband who tried to help. It is apparently meant to open if it has been put there. What is the problem, and why are there two caps? Thanks for your input.

-- Elaine Seavey (, October 05, 1999


First, the problem is that it is stuck for some reason. If its new that should not happen. If it has been used for some other product, there is no telling what may be glueing those threads together. The reason there are two lids is to allow for a vent when pouring liquid out of the barrel. The second lid also has different shaped threads and can allow different pumps and attachments to be used. At this point you might want to try to loosen the threads by pouring hot water over it a few times and giving it a tug.

-- smfdoc (, October 05, 1999.

Elaine--If you look inside of the cap, is it round or hexonal shaped? Mine are hexonal shaped and I used a crescent wrench to get them off. If you have a round inner cap, dry using a blow dryer on the cap to loosen the lid. Good luck.

-- bardou (, October 05, 1999.


Cap one, that unscrews the fastest is used for rapid filling as a presure relief.

Cap two, is used to fill or unload the plastic drum. Plus this has the finer threads to put attachments on. ie., hand pump, syphon, spigot, or auto food delivery take-up system.

We use them at Canteen Foods. Ours are used for apple cider - vinager and Kikoman, non-preservative soy sauce.

The 8oz hand pumps work the best. The output tube can then flow into a container or the top of a coffee maker with filters to remove any "floaties" of vinager or soy residue.

That is what were doing here.

-- Joe Martin (, October 05, 1999.

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