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My .dat file was 650meg on a standerd Writable disk but when i put it on the harddrive it ended up as 675meg???? Now its to big for a normal CD so am i stuck with this on my hard drive? Thanks for reading?

-- brian staudinger (, October 04, 1999


This is normal. I recently got a movie that was 720 MB in a bin/cue format and thought it would never fit on a CD. However, I downloaded a program called CDRWin and it burns Video CDs from bin/cue files, and the Video CD fit a 720 MB dat file on a 650 MB CD. Try converting the dat file to mpeg and then burning it as a video CD, it should fit with room to spare. Good luck!

-- Eric Thomas (, October 04, 1999.

I am still finding ways to put larger size into the CD, i have seen HVCD that stores 1.1 GB!. I heard it is only possible with press CD not CDR.

-- chen (, October 05, 1999.

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