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My daughter recently came accross some huge wine casks that were given to her by a friend,(I'd guess in the 100gal range since they are about twice the size of a 55gal drum). Does anyone know if I can use these for water storage safely??

-- Bill Leier (, October 04, 1999


Since wine isn't a hazardous substance to begin with, these should be good after a couple of good rinses. It isn't like you've got barrels that were used for solvents, oils or poisonous chemicals.


-- Wildweasel (, October 04, 1999.

The water will take on the taste of whatever wine was stored in the barrels because the wine has permeated the wood fibers. Red wine especially will absorb into the oak wood. Store water in a barrel for about a month then taste it. If it's something you can live with go for it. I have plastic Pepsi and Mountain Dew Barrels and the water has taken on an essence of those flavors. If you do not plan to use the barrels for water storage, keep water in them for so they do not fall apart. Here in California, those barrels would go for big $$$$! Your daughter is lucky to have them.

-- bardou (, October 05, 1999.

I second Bardou's comments but would like to add that they might leak at first if they have dried out, but wood will swell when they soak a bit so should be fine - boy would I love to have some of those!

-- Kristi (, October 05, 1999.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr near Monterey, California

Can Wine barrels/casks be used to store water safely? Yes. These also make excellent temporary storage for a roof rain catchment system.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), October 05, 1999.

Want to thank everyone for their responses! Really appriciate this forum!

-- Bill Leier (, October 07, 1999.

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